10 Cat Bling Pins You Can’t Live Without

Santa Claus in comin’ to town in a couple of months and here are ten pieces of cat bling you must put on your wishlist. The best part? Most of them are $10 or less. Click any photo to go to the product page. (Prices subject to change without notice.)

This cat is proud of her Spot 13! Also comes in black, teal and ginger cat versions. $9.34

space cat enamel pin

You might not be able to afford to send your cat on a rocket to Mars, but wearing this enamel Space Cat pin is the next best thing, right? $10

coffee cat enamel cat pin

Coffee and Cats naturally go together. After all, I can’t live without either one. $9.34

cat in brown box bamboo jewelry pin

Rarely does a week go by that some fantastical expensive cat toy/device lands on my doorstep. And the more expensive the toy, the more they like the box. This pin is hand crafted from bamboo! $11.05

hand crafted wooden cat pin brooch

This colorful pin is also hand crafted from wood, and features shades of purple and pink. $8.84


Take your pick of a brown tabby with a blue scarf, a grey and white tabby in a pink dress, or a grouchy¬†ginger. Each is $5.99 — use the Mousebreath coupon code for an additional 20% off! (coupon code: mousebreath20) $5.99

colorful cat pins

You’ll have a hard time buying just one of¬†these colorful pins made of eco-friendly bioresin. $14

As if all that cat hair on your black blazer wasn’t a dead giveaway, tell the world you like cats with this enamel cat pin. $8.74

Another astronaut cat pin in exquisite detail. Kinda makes me want to add Apollo 13 to my Netflix queue. $10

taco cat pin

They call this one “Taco Cat.” I like the sunglasses. $10

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