10 Cat Quilts Take Bite from Winter’s Chill

On my bucket list: making cat art quilts. Unfortunately, it will remain a bucket list item for my foreseeable future, because life gets in the way of dreams, and the closest I’ll get to a cat art quilt in a long while is looking longingly at one on Etsy.

Here are ten of my faves. Some are more affordable than others.

Cat and Celtic Knots Quilt $2500

House Panther Art Quilt $225

Patchwork Cat Art Quilt $125

Checkerboard Cat Art Quilt $180

Quilted Cat Portrait $82

Bird-watching Cats Quilt $250

Fractured Cats Art Quilt $115

Crooked Tree Hill Cat Art Quilt $400

Mini-Quilt Cat Art Hanging $10.50

Cat in the Window Wall Hanging $400

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