12 Last-Minute Cat Gifts for Xmas Eve Delivery

There’s still time–at least if you’re an Amazon Prime member–to order wrapped gifts delivered before Christmas. But you’d better snap to it! Here are a couple that are ready to ship out for arrival on Tuesday. Looking for Hanukkah gifts? Lucky you! You’ve got all week! Click any image below to go to the product info page.

Tri-level Ball Game

There are a couple of different triple-tier roller ball toys available for Tuesday delivery:

Inaba Chicken Filets

These and the Inaba churus are Banzai’s favorite treats. And this is a great price!

Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy

These even have interactive LED lights!

Robotic Cat Toy

Cat Tunnel Bed

Automatic Red Dot Game Player

Cat Water Fountain

Big Fish Catnip Pillow Toy

Poop Emoji Cat Cave Bed

Green Dragon Cat Cave Bed

Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder

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  1. messymimi says:

    My cats don’t celebrate until Epiphany (just to be different, of course), so they may get a surprise in early January!


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