13 Cat Fashions for St Patrick’s Day

skeezix irish st patrick's dayHi evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

If you know me, you know St Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday of the yeer even tho you have to ware green, wich isn’t my favorite color. It’s only a munth until the Big Day, so don’t delay figuring out whut green stuff to ware so you don’t git pinched.

This week, I’ve got 13 ways for you to ware the green and look marveluss at the same time. Evrything is handcrafted, not sum made-in-China krap. Klik any foto for perchase info.

st patricks day cat hatThis hand-felted green hat is vary festive and sporty. I garuntee you’ll git mistaken as a lepperkawn if you ware this grate hat!


organza st patricks day dressOMC! This grate dress is organza with GLITTER SHAMROKS!!!! So if you want to dress up reely fansy, this is the St Patrick’s Day dress for you!



cable knit green cat sweater for st patricks dayThis green cable knit sweater looks like something from the Aran Isles. Made of 100% wool, it will keep you warm against the winds that blow across the Irish Sea. (Other shades of green are available.)



ome › mypupstuff › Dresses Lucky Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Harness for cat or dogThis EZ care dress is made of cotton. So if you spill muther’s milk on it, you can stik it in the washing masheen and it will be as good as new!


green pom pom knit cat capBuck tradition with this festive pom pom cap!


st patricks day pet harness dressThis dressy harness will charm every lad and lassie you encounter.


custom made st patricks harness dress for cats and dogsYou’ll be dancing a jig in this flirty St Patrick’s day dress!


Kiss me I'm Irish St. Patrick's Day Dress for cats and dogsWho could rezist kissing you win yer waring this “Kiss Me I’m Irish” dress?


st patricks day pet harness dressHere’s another harness dress so you can celebrate in style!


st day calvin collarThis St Patrick’s Day Calvin Collar looks like a nit I saw in a shop in Galway. Proceeds help sponsor cats at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


TRENDY St. Patrick's Day Denim Shamrock Coat for Cats Check out the lining in this kyoot kyoot kyoot shamrock coat with shamrock lining!!

TRENDY St. Patrick's Day Denim Shamrock Coat for Cats & Dogs


Lucky Shamrock St Patricks Leprechaun Over the Collar Reversible Bandana.Many cats find it easier to celebrate if they ware just a bandana. This one will do the trik and keep you frum gitting pinched.

st pats bow ties for catsDress up yer look with a sporty bow tie!


Cat Tuxedo - Choose Your Own Bow Tie Or go compleetely formal with a tuxedo! You can pik yer own bow tie print, wich inkloods this poka dot green print, a shamrok print, or duzzens of other kyoot colors and prints.


So, the days are counting down! Will you be all greened up on St Patrick’s Day so you don’t git pinched?

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Skeezix the Cat -- also known as the Feline Fashionista -- has been blogging daily since March of 2005 when he was six months old. His doppelganger, Flat Skeezix, has traveled to Ireland, England, Ohio, Michigan, the Chuck Erreca Rest Stop on I5, New York, Florida, Missouri, and has been a guest of Sarge Charlie and Auntie Bee on several Carribean cruises. Skeezix loves show tunes, and counts among his idols Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Liza, Bernadette Peters, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Liberace and Elton John. His "special" friend is Daisy the Curly Cat.

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  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for including our Calvin Collar in this list of pawsome St. Paddy’s Day items!

  2. Orvis says:

    I can’t wait to get green!!

  3. Bocce Tabby says:

    My eyes are green, so I’m not worried.


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