6 Cheap Ways to Catify Your Holiday Yard Decorations

Have you forgotten to  incorporated CATS into your holiday yard decor? If not, here are a couple of last minute items guaranteed to tell everyone who drives by that Cat Rule/Dogs Drool during the holiday season. Most are less than $20. (Prices subject to change.)

Motion Sensor Santa Cat Lawn Greeter

I ordered this one. It has a motion detector built in, and the cat yowls when anyone comes near.  


We have a ton of walkers in our neighborhood–most with dogs in tow–and my inner 12-year-old delights at the thought of them walking by and hearing/seeing an orange tabby yowl at them, wishing them Happy Holidays in felinese. Then them wondering why every single day that same cat is in the same spot, givin’ ’em the stinkeye. Not to mention how the dogs would react. With that said, it will also be fun to bring indoors and see what my cats would do! Cute, right? (about $18)

Cat Garden Flags

If, like my next door neighbor, you fly a garden flag for major holidays, you might like one of these. This first one features a happy orange and white tabby who’s eating snowflakes. The small version of this flag is about $11; the large is just under $20. christmas-cat-garden-flag
This Christmas garden flag features a ginger and a cow cat. About $13. christmas-cat-garden-flag-2
We not leaving out Siamese lovers! This Christmas garden flag is about $15. siamese-christmas-cat-garden-flag

But What About Hanukkah?

Try as I might, I couldn’t find any Hanukkah Cat lawn ornaments. So here are two next-best-things–combined together they sorta kinda cover the Hanukkah Cat Lawn Ornament CATegory:

Hanukkah Jewish Garden Gnome


Hanukkah Cat Ornaments

… And a couple of indoor decorations: hanukkah-cat-ornaments   Have you catified your holiday yard decorations yet?        
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  1. I would love the cat for out-side and the flags are a brilliant idea sadly I live in Scotland,delivery (if they delivered to the UK) would be too expensive not fair we never get any thing as great as these here.x


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