17 Ways to Catify St Paddy’s Day

As March rolls in, most kittehs start thinking about how they’ll get their green on for St Patrick’s Day. We’ve rounded up 17 ways to commune with your inner leprechaun and catify your St Paddy’s Day experience:

Shamrock Cat Hat, $12

Shamrock Cat Hat, $12

Leprechaun cat hat and ginger beard, $13-$14, (sizes sm-lg)

Skeezix McCat St Patrick’s Day Greeting Card, $3.95

Hand Knit St Patrick’s Day Sweater in Dark Green or Light Green, $22

For the daring CCL: St Patrick’s Day Cat Leggings, $39.99

St Catty’s Day Tee, $24

St Patrick’s cat bowtie, $17.24

McSkeezix St Patrick’s Day Button, $3.60

Knit St Patrick’s Day Cat Hat, $14

Sporty St Patrick’s Day Cat Bow Tie , $16.74

St Patrick’s Day Cat Collar, $18

Organic Catnip Mouse Toy, $3.75

Skeezix McCat St Patrick’s Day Greeting Card, $3.95

St Patrick’s Day Sequined Cat Shamrock Hat, $19.99

Cat St Patrick’s Day Garden Flag, $21.50

Caticorn Tee, $21.60

McSkeezix St Patrick’s Day Button, $3.50

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  1. As much as I LURV the crocheted leprechaun hat, I’m thinking the bowties would be best for Manny and CB. Thanks for the ideas in this post!

  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    I love the photos of Skeezix.

  3. messymimi says:

    What neat ways to help the cats in our lives celebrate. Around here, everyone, even the Protestants, celebrate the Catholic saint’s day by going to the synagogue for their annual corned beef sandwich sale.

  4. ERin the cat says:

    Oooh I love the leggings, and the bowtie looks awesome, but my favourite is definitely the selection of St Patricks mice. I wonder if they fill them with special four leaf nip?


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