20 Cat Stocking Stuffers Under $5


Have you emptied your pockets looking for Christmas shopping money only to see nothing but cat hair floating to the floor?

Well, these gifts can’t be paid for in cat hair, but they’re inexpensive enough that you can raid your couch cushions for spare change and buy them with the proceeds.

After all, at one time or another we all need to buy “just a little something” for a stocking gift, or to enclose with a Christmas card. You know, a little “thinking of you” gift that doesn’t demand reciprocation.

If your gift recipient is a cat lover, one of the following will fit the bill. Nothing is over $5. (Prices subject to change.)

Hand-painted pebbles refrigerator magnets. $4.99


Music Icons with Their Cats Pins. You choose, $2 ea.
Pictured: Freddy Mercury, Joey Ramone, Keith Richards,
Elvis, Tom Jones and David Bowie. Many more available.

“Cat Hair Adds Flair” button. $2.50

Pot Leaf Catnip Toy (Legal in all states!) $4.29

Cozy Cat Candle $5

Cat Charm (you choose) $4.85

Cat Cookie Cutter $2.50

Space Cat Patch $4

Cat Coin Bank $4.72 (Reno is obsessed with his.)

ACEO Signed Cat Print $5

cat-paw-glovesCat Paw Gloves $1.99


Cat Knee Socks $2.99


Cat Lady Temporary Tattoo $4.

kong kickeroo catnip toy

The Kong Kickeroo Catnip Toy $2.68

Velvet Kitty Makeup Bag $3.25

Cat Paw Ring $3.59

Set of Two Kitty Pens $3.90


Vinyl cat car sticker $4.99

Kong Dangle Wand Toy $2.62

Vintage Soviet Cat Pin $3,50

Don’t forget to check out Mousebreath’s Holiday Gift Guide
where you’ll find a bazillion more gift selections, many for $10 and less!

THE FINE PRINT: Some of the links to products in this post are affiliate links, the proceeds from which fund giveaways on Mousebreath.

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  1. Sue Brandes says:

    Thank you. Love them all.

  2. Pet Hangout says:

    Can we get the cat paw gloves?? They are so adorable!!



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