[BlogPaws] Dino Dogan on “Reach Relevance Design Presentation”

August 26, 2011 |

Dino DoganDino Dogan of triberr.com is speaking on how to get traffic to your website. We’re hoping to learn how to use headlines, descriptions, and design to capture attention when readers come to your sight, and present content that delivers value to your audience.

This session seems to be selling triberr.com which is promoted as a “reach multiplier.”

Purrsonally, the best part of the session is sitting next to a very dapper Brighton, a Cornish Rex, rocking the Hawaiian shirt look this morning.

Reach: Use Triberr.com to get your message out.

Relevance –– shooting with a laser. Headline writing is extremely important. You should spend about 10% of the time on the post writing the headline. Don’t write a headline for a specific person, but for a state of mind. You’re writing for the person you want to attract. Write to appeal to emotion. Short is better than long. No surprises there.

Design is important. Buy design if you have to. (Note to Dino: Don’t tell us that you’ve seen our blogs and all our blogs are ugly. Because they aren’t. Just because you’re a self-professed Bad Ass doesn’t mean you should diss your audience.)

Be the best writer, videographer, etc. that you can be.

Headline tester returning to Triberr.com soon. The alpha version permitted A-B testing of headlines to determine which was the most effective.

Coming Soon: Triberr is going to create comment tribe, set up as a scored game. It will reward people for commenting on others’ blogs.

If you want to get comments, here’s a cheat: Write “I don’t know who said it, but “insert quote here”. In other words, use a common quote prefaced by “I don’t know who said it, but…” A lot of people will leave comments telling you who the quote author is. (Personally, I find comment cheats abhorrent.)

If you’re interested in exactly what Dino had to say, here’s the presentation.

Summary: If Triberr turns out to be a useful traffic booster, it was time well spent. If not, I wasted an hour of what was essentially an infomercial.

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Karen Nichols is a Pet Industry Influencer, Publisher and Multimedia Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has over 15 years of experience in the Internet Industry as a User Experience Analyst and Interaction Design Consultant. She's blogged professionally for nine years, and is a respected expert in social media, web analytics, online branding and Wordpress design and development. She's a popular speaker at pet industry conferences. In 2013, she won the BlogPaws social media awards for Best Cat Blog and Best video. In 2012, Karen won the Best Blog Design award for SkeezixTheCat.com. She was one of seven finalists in the national Purina Cat Chow Correspondent search in 2010. She has been a spokesperson for Friskies and judge of the 2012 "The Friskies" video contest, and a juror for the Internet Cat Video Festival. Karen is a member of the Cat Writer's Association, Women in the Pet Industry, the IAABC, The Interactive Design Association and the North Bay Multimedia Association.

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  1. Cheysuli says:

    It looks like yet another social networking site? Let us know Skeezix if you use it and if it is helpful. I’ll look forward to another update in say three or four months-(perhaps after the holiday rush for all those great gifts that you’ll be getting free to review!)

    • skeezix says:

      Chey, it’s more like a social media propagation site. I’m working on getting an invite so I can try it and give it a paws up or down.

  2. finny funny says:

    Dino was a jerk. It was a rare bad session among some great ones. Really a disappointment. I’m glad I left early.

  3. boo boo bambino says:

    Finny, I agree completely. He talked down to us like none of us had ever written a blog before. And mousebreath is right about it being a informercial for triberr. Later, when I looked at the triberr website, I found it ironic that this guy told us all our blogs are ugly cuz triberr certainly falls into that category. Who is he to tell us our sites are ugly (and btw, most are not) when his is uglier than any cat blog I know.

    He also talked about topics without providing any helpful actionable items. Like talking about headlines. He said we have to spend 10% of our time writing catchy headlines but did not say one WORD about HOW to write a catchy headline. No examples, nuthin.

    He clearly was in it to tell everyone how great he was, not to be helpful. I left just after the ugly blog comment because even if I left to go sit on the toilet for fifteen minutes, it would have been time better spend.

  4. Lady Di says:

    I stayed through the whole thing, and at first I didn’t think it was so bad. He was a pretty good speaker and all. But when I reflected back on this and other BlogPaws sessions, the deficiencies in this session became apparent. I went to triberr and could not figure out how to get in — it’s just a closed private club. Why waste my time telling me about how great something is when I have no way of accessing it? He could at least have extended invites to everyone at the session. So after thinking about it (and attending some much much better and more helpful sessions) I realized that Dino was all self-puffery and not much else. A couple of people I talked to in the same session agreed.


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