Mosaic Mancat Mancave is a Sure-Fire Gerlcat Magnet!

August 15, 2011 |

Mosaic Mancat Mancat is a gerlcat magnet!

Dawn Petersen deszined and bilt this ornate mosaic Mancat Mancave for her tabby, Max. Most of the house is no different than any other, but the front has been tranformed magically from boring to brilliant.

Mosiac tiles in rainbow splashes of color are the backdrop for a customization that proclames Max as the owner of the home. I’m shur lots of gerlcats walking by wonder who the grate Max is, and when they can see him inside, they probably start purring reely hard and saunter up and beg to be in his harum. I know I would.

Whadya think?

Mosaic Mancat Mancat is a gerlcat magnet!

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