GIVEAWAY: Win a Martha Stewart Cat Feeding Station from PetSmart

September 14, 2011 |


I am so excited to be giving away this feeding bowl set and silicon feeding mat from Martha Stewart Pets.



As you know, PetSmart and Martha Stewart Pets have been working together on rolling out a fabulous lifestyle line which includes feeding bowls and stuff for the house as well as vary vary kyoot clothes.

This very stylish feeding bowls and mat are not only byootiful, but they work better than any other set of feeding bowls on erth! The staneless steel bowls come with snap-on plastic lids that keep the food and water fresh. Great for travel! Also keeps the ants out if you have that problem at yer house.

The silicon mat has a lip on it (not like Mick Jagger lips, this is just a border around the outside to keep spills in). This makes cleanup easy if, like me, you live with a bunch of sloppy cats who seem to have bin razed by wolfs.

You’ll get a set in Robin’s Egg Bloo. It’s vary byootiful!

How to Enter

Just leeve a comment on this post. If you have gripes about the other cats in yer house being messy, that’s good, we’d like to hear about it. If you just want to tell us how much you love the Martha Stewart line of cat stuff at PetSmart, that’s good too. Any comment you leave will be considered an entry to win.


Sorry about this, but:

  • Only one entry per household.
  • Only U.S. resident cats can win.
  • Entries close at midnight PT on September 16th.

Be sure you leeve a valid email address so we can contact you when you win.

How to Score an Extra Entry

Double Yer Chances of Winning

My grate frend frum BlogPaws, Moshe Moshi, is also giving a set away. This is whut she looks like with hers:

Moshe Moshi is giving away martha stewart pets feeding set

Drop by her blog to enter after entering with yer comment here!

Can’t wait to win it? Check out the Martha Stewart Pets Cat Department at PetSmart.

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  1. Julie Johnston says:

    What a lovely set that is, Skeezix. I know my kitties would love to receive it so that they could practice their proper table manners.

  2. Wow is that sure fancy. I ( pixel ) am very good about eating out of my bowl. Samba just dives in a it goes everywhere. When he has wet food he wears it..

  3. Anastasia & Bambi says:

    Deer Skeezix,
    We luv theez vary vary stylush boles. We are 2 gerlcats and sometimes we are messy when our mom feedz us. If we win theez truely amazing dishez, we will be vary happy gerlcats and our mom will not complane about the crumbz as much!

  4. Christine says:

    Our old set is falling apart, so this pretty new one sure would be nice.

  5. Nice looking feeding station. Since Jan insists we Funny Farm kitties are messy eaters, we decided to humor her and enter. We’re tired of her grumbling about having to pick pieces of cat food out of the washing machine before doing laundry. Of course, our entry has nothing to do with how cute it is. **wink, wink**

  6. Hi Mr Skeezix! I live with some vary messy eater boy-cats. Cuzzin Cavalli is allways spilling the water all over the place, Finnegan takes 3 or 4 kibbles out of the dish, drops them on the plasemat and then eets some of them and sometimes he drops them *in* the water bole. Buddy’s not very messy. If I had this byootiful set, my sensibilitees wouldn’t be offended and I could eat in peace like a princess.

    Yore frend Princess Jasmine Blossom

  7. Average Jane says:

    My Dr. Jones is always spilling water. Maybe a mat would at least protect the floor!

  8. Theresa says:

    The kitties would love this! Wren tends to drink water w/ his paw, so this might contain the “overflow”. Thanks!

  9. Taz says:

    Orfiend is a pig. Our family needs this. Thank you.

  10. Frank&Max says:

    We think this great. This way we can eat and drink without getting in each others way.

  11. Little Mitty says:

    My brother Pumpkin is a slob. Our hoomins would love to have this in our house!

  12. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Hi Skeezix, It is appropriate that this should be in moms email today. She just spent half an hour cleaning up our breakfast mess this morning. We looks like cats, but mom says we is piggies :) But in our defense there is a whole herd of us. We love you and your blog. Especially the one telling us about the boycat underwares! Oinkie oink…, I mean, meow, meow for now. The Shadow Dance Ranch Tribe.

  13. Jackie Russell says:

    Wow, this is very cool. My 4 kitties would love this. !

  14. Sue Wickson says:

    My girls & I would love to win this gorgeous feeding station. They are quite messy (don’t tell them I said that though because they will deny deny deny!) I have sister torties Luna and Nikita and this would keep their area clean. I have tried the kitty place mats but they splash and play in their water so much that the water spills out of the water bowl and onto and under the mat creating a giant mess!

  15. Cathy Audorff says:

    We all agree that this is a very pretty looking feeding station. All of the cats in this house are such neat eaters (not really!) which is why there is always kibble on the floor. We would love to win.

  16. Tabbytood says:

    I’m not a messy eeter, but I shur wood like to win this!

  17. I’d love to win one of these feeding stations! I’m a new kitten with Mom Paula and I like to keep my eating area nice and neat!

    Please enter me!


  18. Simone Baker says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Ooooh oooh, pick me! ^^

  19. Ah! This is just what my kitties need!

  20. pook555 says:

    This set looks adorable and I love that you can use it to store the food too – genius! We’d definitely love to win this (and meowmy would love it for the easy cleanup)!

  21. AquaKittyKat says:

    my kitties would love this colorful & practical feeding station. it’s beautiful…thanks for always posting the best info for kitties.

  22. that is really a beautiful set.My mum would love to have it cuz i tend to spread my foods around too much.

  23. 'Kaika says:

    Ooooh, I would love to win this! Tanith is a very messy eater and the silicon tray would be easy to clean.

  24. That’s furry pretty, Skeeze!
    Does it come in pink?

  25. Oh Wow!! That is a cool bowl!! We would like to enter to win one!!
    Your TX furiends,

  26. Cynthia Bettinger says:

    Very pretty and neat!

  27. welldriller says:

    Count Dracula sez he could really dine in style with this, Skeezix! Love the Martha display at Petsmart, always check it out when we shop.

  28. baybee boobeh says:

    I want!!!!!!!

  29. Sassy and CalicoRose says:

    CalicoRose thinks that kibbles thrown on floor first taste

  30. Carmen says:

    Clayton and Waffles are always making a mess – they were born sloppy! This might help them out :)

  31. Nina Torbie says:

    Oh, Victor is always pushing our bowls along the floor! I never know where he’ll take them. Maybe this would help him stay in one place and not bump into me while I’m eating? I know he doesn’t mean to, but I don’t like being bumped.

  32. Meowm says we are both messy eaters. We could really use one of these sets for our new brofur, Sammy.

  33. Link says:

    Oh, I would LOVE to win this it’s so beautimuss!

  34. moose says:

    Is it too late for me to enter>??

  35. Doodle Bean says:

    BOTH my cats are slobs! I have to keep a broom and dustpan set right next to their food bowls. And don’t get me started on the hairballs!!!

    (Yes, I do know this set won’t help with the hairballs. Some help with the spilled food would be good, though! Thanks!)

  36. Gina says:

    I have 3 cats and they make such a mess every time they eat. It would be awesome to win this set.

  37. Kristen says:

    I have nine cats and I would love to win this! It’s a great looking set! Thanks for your consideration..


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