Mancat Mancave Monday: The Palace

September 5, 2011 |

Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave of the Week: The Palace

Feest your kitty eyes on this magnifisent Mancat Mancave!!!

It’s not just a mancat mancave, it’s a PALACE!

Just a few of the sooper-luxury feechers inklood A BILT IN SNAK BAR, skrachers, hidey holes for speshul time with the ladies, a squillion bedrooms and monkey bars. This is the kind of Mancat Mancave Donuld Trump’s cat mite have.

If you want one of these for yer vary own, dreem on, mancats. I’m sure that a klassy deelux crib like this costs more green papers than all the cats in the cat blogosfeer have!

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