13 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Peeps

October 20, 2011 |

halloween cat

Eeeek! You only got about ten days left to get your act together and find a way to selebrate Halloween with your peeps. Prefurably, it duzn’t involve deeling with little sqweely peeple. Click on any image fur purchase info.

At the top we have a fether boa collar. Yes, I sed fethers. Need I saw more?
I dunno why, but this next kyoot owtfit kinda gave me urjes:

bustier vest for cats

I you git the urjes, yer best bet is to take then out on a boner blankie kneading blanket. The fleecy blankie feechers a bright Halloween print.

kneading blanket for cats

Capes are good costumes for cats sinse they arn’t too cumbersum to ware:

cat capes for halloween


A tuxedo bow tie is a good choice if you wunt to look klassy:
tuxedo bow tie cat collar
Love pom poms? The next two cats are purrfect fer pom pom lovers. And you can play with the hat win Halloween is over!
Halloween knit hat

If you love pom poms, you’ll adore this hat:
orange and black knitted halloween cat hat

This festive Halloween collar is sertin to put yoo in the Halloween spirit!
Calvin Collar - Happy Halloween

You don’t have to wate until Halloween to enjoy this wand toy:
cat teaser wand toy

Can anycat reezist candy corn catnip toys?

Catnip Candy Corn Cat toys


Did sumwun say CATNIP! This kickeroo sock toy is made fur bunnykicking!
Halloween Medium Sock It To Me Sock Toys For Cats.

When you add a Hollywood Hustler Hat to this rockin’ hot Halloween collar, thare can be only one thing in yer fyoocher: PAWTY!!!!
Hollywood Hustler Hat for cat and Rockin Hot Halloween collar

Win yoo go trikker treeting, you need to put all the millyuns of treets yoo git into a bag. Heer’s the PURRfect treet bag!
Black Cat Halloween Treat Bag

I hope this list helps you with ideas on how to sellubrate Halloween with yer peeps. Only 11 more days!!!!!


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    Thanks for featuring our Kneading Blankie and Calvin Collar!


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