(GIVEAWAY) Vaporize Cat Barf with a Stomp

October 17, 2011 |

In this video review of Bissell’s Stomp ‘n Go stain lifting pads, we give the product a workout. One of the cats volunteered to barf, and then we let the stain set for three or four days. The barfed-on surface is ratty old soon-to-be-replaced carpet that does not have fancy scotchguarding stain repellent on it.

We usually use a Bissell Spotbot to remove stains like this, but if you don’t have a SpotBot, these Stomp ‘n Go pads are great low-cost alternative. They worked like a charm, and you can try some for yourself! We’re giving away samples to 3 lucky Mousebreath readers!

Enter Win a Bissell Stomp ‘n Go Stainlifting Pad!

Leave a comment on this post describing the worst pet stain you ever left for your human to remove. Three Winners will be announced on Monday October 24th. Only comments left before 11:59 pm on Sunday October 23rd are eligible. All cats in the household can enter, but only one entry per cat. No more than one winner per household. Sorry, but U.S. cats only. Winners will be drawn at random using random.org.

More Bissell Pet Stain Removal Products

For Bissell’s line of pet stain removal products, click here.

Bissell provided one Stomp ‘n Go Stain Lifting Pad free of charge for purposes of this review and 3 pads for the giveaway with no expectation of a favorable review. All opinions are our own. Skeezix snoopervised to ensure that we followed the instructions precisely. Pads are designed for use by those with opposable thumbs.


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  1. Athena says:

    I just left the worst pet stain yesterday! I yakked up dark brown food. It left a horrible stain! Mama is upset. I think she would love this product!

  2. Laura says:

    Violet’s preference for flojectiles is carpet, of course! Just the other day, half of it landed on the carpet, and the other half on Gleek’s tail!

  3. celestine says:

    My brudder Maxwell pukes up parts of snakes. And then he tries to eat it back up. Then I just about herl.

  4. maxwell says:

    You shood never let good snake parts go to waste. Celest is such a babey.

  5. Anthem says:

    I used to have IBD and barfed all the time. That’s win mom gots da Bissell SpotBot. But still it wood be nice to have a qwik grab n go solution like these pads.

  6. loopyloo says:

    Pick me! I barf lots!

  7. JudiB says:

    I don’t think a week goes by that there isn’t at least one barf or hairball stain for me to clean up at my house. I’d love one of these!

  8. randy rocketman says:

    I puke in differnt colors like oringe and red and yellow.

  9. linda T says:

    I have an old cat who has accidents and it would be great to have something to clean up the stains without having to scrub the carpet on my hands and knees for an hour.

  10. boris says:

    I don’t barf often, but when I do I barf in technicolor.

  11. skeezix says:

    Maxwell, you crack me up!

  12. dazey duke says:

    Sumtimes I have aksidents on the rug. We have a SpotBot, but I’d also like to try these pads for qwik kleenups.

  13. Mary Hall says:

    Scooter has IBD and Pancreatitis so pukin’ is a common occurrence. Vile bile that boy has…ewwwwww. Would love to give these a try!

  14. ooooo – mom would love this. The old mancat keeps yaking up on the carpet – and it is NASTY!!!

  15. benji says:

    I usually hurl lizzard parts cuz that’s whut I like to ketch.

  16. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    There is 27 of us and someone is always *yakkin* up something :)

  17. Bella says:

    I hack up all sorts of hairball/food combinations. Usually I try to do it on the carpet, because it soaks it up really good. Mommie is not impressed when I do that. I bet she would like to try these to clean up the mess.

  18. lulu says:

    I want to win one. Sumtimes i have aksidents.

  19. samson says:

    I hock up hareballs all the time duz that count?

  20. hammie says:

    Is that Mao in the background? This is a great movie!

  21. Tai =^..^= says:

    I sumtimes yak up harbals cuz dats da onlee ones I gots left!

  22. Stormi >^..^< says:

    Big bro, Tai, is always yaking up furballs, but I have a delicate tummy and sometimes I eat so fast it bounces back up. Momma would love something that takes the stains away. Please? Thank you.

  23. My mummmy could really use one of these.My brothers and sisters have worms and they are always throwing up.My brother and me have accidents on the rug,sometimes we just can’t make it to the bathroom and out it comes.Its pretty smelly and kind of gross looking.Mummy is mutt-er-ing under her breath.Its stinks she says. My name is stinky,i think she is talking about me?

  24. skeezix says:

    Yep, Hammie, that’s Mao. He’s never at a loss fer wereds.


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