Mancat Mancave Will Tickle You Pink!

November 21, 2011 |

tickled pink mancat mancave cubes for a lush fun cat condo

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Fred is on vacation this week, so I’m taking over Mancat Mancave Monday for him in his absense. I hope you like the manly mancat mancave that I picked.

This kyoot Designer Cat House in Tickled Pink is maybe the my faverite mancat mancave of all time! It’s clean and modern, and you can configyer it any way you like! You can buy one cube for a modest getaway behind yer regular cat house, or you can buy a squillion of them for a McMansion! (Just don’t try to refi this cat house cuz it’s classified as a mobile home.)

It comes in five designer colors, but do you really need to know anything more than it comes in pink?

This mancat mancave is super strong and eco-friendly

It is super strong, rated for cats up to 20 pownds. (OFF LIMITS TO YOU, TRIPPER!) And it’s Eco-Friendly – made of recycled, recyclable, soy-based inks and reyoozable hardware. It has minimal pakkijing.

tickled pink mancat mancave cat condo

What say you, mancats? Is this not the Cat’s Meow????

Purchase Info

Here’s where to buy the Tickled Pink Designer Cat House.

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  1. Grover Puss says:

    This look like a lot of fun. You can’t git lost inside, can you?

  2. The Crew says:

    20 lb? Well, that let’s me out. Too bad, ’cause it looks like a nice place.

    Max S.

  3. Max says:

    That’s spiffy!


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