Don’t Furget to Look at Christmas Lites!

December 25, 2011 |

Skeezix watching Christmas light

As you may or mayn’t know, evry yeer we have a tradishun at my house. The Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face and me go out in the bloo masheen and we drive around the nayberhood looking at Krissmiss lites. It is vary byootiful and vary fun.

The most importunt thing to do before you go is to pick out a kyoot owtfit to ware. It shood have a holiday theme. This Krissmiss tree swetter is purrfect.

skeezix the cat's cute christmas sweater

Mr Tasty Face thot that the more the merrier and so he desided to bring my big bruther Mao along. That lasted for about 83 seconds until our eardrums ixploded frum Mao singing Krissmiss carols at the tops of his lungs. So he got taken back home. That was good cuz I do not like sharing the frunt seet with him.

Mao and Skeezix watching Christmas lights

Me and Mr Tasty Face sit together and go “OOOOOH” and “AHHHHHH” win we see nice lites. We saw a LOT of vishus deer lites. But I wuzn’t scairt. Not hardly one tiny bit.

Skeezix the cat looks at Christmas Lites

My faverite lites was this place that had the baby Jesus and Santa and ranedeers and snowmen and lots of lites.

Mao and Skeezix watching Christmas light

This is a vary fun way to share Krissmiss with yer peepul. And it’s not too late. Lots of peeple keep thare lites up until after New Yeer’s, so you still have time to go see ‘em. And don’t furget to ware a kyoot owtfit win you go!

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