Win 150 lbs. of Free Cat Food for Yourself or Favorite Cause

December 19, 2011 |

christmas cat eating tree

We have a winner!

Concatulations to Bruce Schram! Bruce, please check your email and respond so that we can send you your promo codes for the free Hill’s Nutrition Ideal Balance Cat Food.

Hey kittehs, no need to gnaw on the Christmas greenery — you can win 150 lbs. of free cat food to use as you wish — eat it yourself and/or donate to your local shelter, rescue, or feral group.

This brand new formulation by Hills Science Diet — Ideal Balance Adult Feline Dry Food — lists natural chicken as its first ingredient, with fruits and veggies added to provide the optimal balance of nutrition, without sacrificing palatibility.

In the spirit of the season, Mousebreath and Hill’s Science Diet is giving away ten (10) 15-lb. bags of Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance Adult Feline Dry Food to one lucky reader. You can have the food delivered to your home, to a shelter, or to a cat owner you know who needs a helping hand with free cat food this holiday season.

Enter to win 150 lbs. of Free Cat Food

Just leave a comment (with a valid email address in the comment form so we can contact the winner) on this post. The winner will be drawn at random on Christmas Eve.

Entries limited to 2 cats per household.

U.S. resident cats only.

Only comments submitted before noon PST on Saturday 24 DEC will be eligible for the drawing.

Entries will be drawn at random via

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    I would have a hard time deciding what to do with the cat food. There are plenty of worthy shelters here in our area but it would also be a wonderful thing to take to work to feed the strays there too.

    • mspalmer says:

      I have 4 inside babies, the neighbor feeds the neighborhood outside cats, our local shelter, and I could give some to My Matthews house which is only for cats that need a home. Wow I could be Santa…”)

  2. Sparkle says:

    I would love to be able to donate this to one of the worthy rescues in my area!

  3. Pixel says:

    We would love to try this.

  4. samba says:

    As my sister said we would love to try this. With mom still unemployed it would be a nice thing

  5. Orvis says:

    We would try some and donate some!

  6. Gomez says:

    Gomez ama nueva comida! He would also give some to a shelterito.

  7. Dan says:

    We have 2 cats and would love to try this out. Thanks!!

  8. Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) says:

    I would like try some of this noms and donate some. My sisfur is always claiming that she does not get as much in her bowl as I do, so I would love to hold a bag over her head (and maybe drop it….). Hehe

  9. Sassy says:

    I would love to win this. My food bowl is ALWAYS short some kibble – sometimes as much as 5 pieces less than what was given to my sisfur, Callie. I would also donate some.

  10. Jim schmaltz says:

    Would love to donate to our forgotten felines shelter.

  11. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with heart breaking videos of abuse and pleas for adoption… They break me to the point of tears. I sit back and wonder.. How can I help? HOW CAN I HELP.?? I would love nothing more than to give the gift of food to a kitty shelter. Help them take a load off their wallets for five minutes during this season of giving

  12. Snookie says:

    What a wonderful way to share our Christmas blessings with our feline friends who are less fortunate! Thank you Mousebreath and Hills fScience Diet for this generous offer.

  13. Snookie says:

    What a wonderful way to share Christmas blessings with our feline friends who are less fortunate! Our local no-kill Humane Society shelter would be very happy to have this donation. Thank you Mousebreath and Hills Science Diet for this generous offer !

  14. John Lasine says:

    My brother takes care of 26 cats including ferals and one that requires 2 insulin shots a day. Anywhere your gift goes, as long as it helps animals that can’t help themselves, is a good deal.

  15. Bambi says:

    Our local Pet Pantry would love to win this!

  16. Cindy says:

    My owner turned my house into a foster home for cats. Now I have cats and kittens everywhere I turn! Their sleeping on my couch, jumping on my counters and eating my food! But hey, it’s all good so bring on some more food for me and my pals please!

  17. Deb says:

    I’m president of a small volunteer animal rescue group in Lincoln, NE..
    We could really use this food to supplement our pet food pantry! Thanks for providing the opportunity to help people keep their pets.

  18. merrilee says:

    I think I would split it between a local feral colony and the people next door who are out of work and have two nice kitties.

  19. Sue says:

    I would love to donate this to a local shelter…

  20. April Richards says:

    I think this is great. 150lbs keep a little give most I’d think. The local Animal Friends and vets could use it i’m sure 🙂

  21. This would be a wonderful addition to Spocky’s stocking! His & some shelter kitties….

  22. Trudy B says:

    I foster for a no-kill kitty rescue which would greatly benefit from the extra food.

  23. Melinda says:

    If we won, we would keep part of it (we kitties gotta eat too hehe) and give the rest to the no kill shelter here, they have lots of kitties who need food!!

  24. Mandy says:

    This would be so grea t to donate to an animal shelter. It’s nice to know people still love animals in this world. 🙂

  25. Bettina says:

    Many deserving kitties dreaming of nom nom nom!

    Thanks, Bettina

  26. Megan Morris says:

    This would be so wonderful…my little ceaser boy thanks you and so does the neighborhood kitties do too! Happy holidays everyone!

  27. Julie McDonough says:

    I would love to win this for my favorite no kill shelter as they are having less donations lately. They could really use it!

  28. Mojo says:

    I would keep a little for me and give the rest to our no-kill shelter and Husker Cats who take care of the ferals on our local college campus >^..^<

  29. Meoq says:

    Here’s hoping everyone has a PURFECT holiday!

  30. Christine says:

    This is an awesome cat contest!

  31. Oh we would love to have some and donate some to our local shelters!! Thanks for the wonderful contest Mousebreath!!
    Your TX furiends,

  32. Jenny says:

    I would donate this in a heartbeat to alleyway allies.

  33. Kimberly Kasey says:

    My cats love cat food!

  34. My cats are my babies. Science diet is my cat food of choice.

  35. Elissa says:

    I always try new science diets cat foods. I want to try cat food for healthy teeth.

  36. What a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of giving, especially with so many cats in need of food and shelters in need of contributions . My cats love Science Diet!

  37. Kim Littlejohn says:

    I have 2 local rescues I could divide this between. Merry Christmas y’all!

  38. Jessica Elliott says:

    I would love to win this food and donate it to the animal shelter in my area! They are always low this time of year and have more kitty rescues than normal. Fingers crossed!

  39. June LaRose says:

    I feed about a dozen strays outside of State game land and I have about a dozen cats inside my home. What I would like to do is use half for the outside cats and half to my local animal shelter.

  40. Chiss says:

    I have 18 rescue kittehs. I find homes for the young and healthy. I keep the old, sick, feral and psychotic. They are all house kittehs with backyard privileges (We have a cat fence). We would like to try this food. Thank you!

  41. Lizzy says:

    We have our own feral colony we take care of. =]
    There sweeties and our vet gives us discounts when we get them fixed ever spring. =]
    This would help so much! =D Good luck to all!

  42. Our kitties Wren & Sparrow would love this! Mom feeds the outside kitties too, I’m sure they would really nom this stuff up!

  43. Carol Harper says:

    I think we know of three kitties who would purr over the chance to win!

  44. Indykitty says:

    I would use this to feed me and hannah nannah my sisfur. Mommy lives on disability so this would be a blessing and we also would give some to feed kitties around our town who need help.


  45. Amy says:

    Even though I have two cats of my own, I would donate this to my local shelter (which narrowly missed being shut down earlier this month)! The county offered a six-month extension but we’re in jeapordy of shutting down on 7/1/12 🙁 Every little bit helps – including providing food for the animals! 🙂

  46. Laura says:

    Although I have two kitties of my own, I would donate this to the animal shelter in our town. They are always in need of help, and do such a good job.

  47. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    We are really looking forward to trying these new noms. Thank you for a chance to win.

  48. Heather says:

    Due to a scary bladder issue earlier in the year, my 8 are on prescription food to prevent the problem child from having another episode, but I would love to donate to one of our great shelters!

  49. Cynthia Bettinger says:

    Wow-that would be plenty to feed my 5 and share with the shelter!

  50. Parker says:

    It would go straight to the Allen County Humane Society!

  51. Would donate it to the San Juan Island Animal Shelter…..

  52. …donate it to our local animal shelter…

  53. Cathy Johnson says:

    We rescued our two “kids”, Sol and Luna from King Street Cats in Alexandria, VA and that’s where the food would go. They are a wonderful organization and we are so happy that we were adopted. We can’t imagine our lives without these little guys who have become our Christmas tree ornaments this year. We’ll try again next year to have something more decorative. At least they are festive!

  54. If we won, we would love to give this food to bideawee’s animal shelter this holiday!

  55. beni says:

    I am a neighborhood caregiver and, at this time of year, food is my biggest need. You can see some of the faces I am talking about on my website:

    They are the ones who would benefit from the gift!

  56. Amy Orvin says:

    I’d love this for my cats as well as the neighbor’s cats I feed daily. Heck, there’s enough for an animals sheltar too. Please pick me!!!

  57. Could we ever use that! It would be such a help and we’d love to win it.

  58. Christina says:

    I foster for a local humane society and we could really use it!

  59. The McCuddlesworths says:

    We are finicky about our noms. 2 of us were shelter kittehs so we’d be happy to give other shelter kittehs quality noms! Of course, we’d keep some for ourselves and perhaps feed the tom cat (Gentleman Caller Kitteh) who visits our patio everyday.

  60. D. Esler says:

    What an awesome thing for Hills to do. There are numerous shelters, feral feeders, and a large county shelter in our rural area. The food could be split between several of them!

  61. Maika'i says:

    My four fabulous felines came from 2 great area shelters, and we would love for them to share this gift. Thanks for the contest and Meowy Fishmas!

  62. Christopher Justice says:

    I’d give it to my local no kill shelter.

  63. Terri says:

    I volunteer at a no-kill shelter. I’m sure they can always use more food.

  64. Amy says:

    We just adopted our third cat. It’d be nice for a bag or two and then send the rest to the shelter where we adopted the cat.

  65. Frank & Max says:

    We would give it to our Mommy who feeds cats that come on the 1st floor porch. She says there are 4 or 5 of them. They don’t have a home and I think other poeple are helping feeding them. We think it would be a nice thing to do this time of year.

  66. Elizabeth Hogueison & Zelda says:

    We would love to win! We adopted our kitty from our local shelter & this will be her first Christmas!

  67. Richard says:

    The humane center in our city would really appreciate the gift.

  68. Emanuelieta Prusaitis says:

    Have 8 cats would love this.

  69. Esther Eblen says:

    My cats love science diet, especially the hairball for long hair.

  70. Esther Eblen says:

    My cats love science diet, especially the hairball for long hair. My dogs love it too (not the hairball).

  71. Emanuelieta Prusaitis says:

    8 cats who eat a lot! They would love this !

  72. says:

    My kitty Fuzz is on CRF food, but I’d gladly donate free food to the Cat Connection in Waltham, MA. They are an all-volunteer, no-kill rescue group who has been working overtime this year because of all the people who had to give up their cats due to the economy.

  73. says:

    This will be an entry for my other oldster cat, Sweetpea, who is also on CRF food. I’ll give this free food to the Cat Connection in Waltham, MA. They’re a group of volunteers who do good things for cats!

    Happy Holidays and thanks for giving them a chance!!

  74. nina feldman says:

    i would donate this food to the local food pantry – i run a pet food drive to benefit them each year, and this would be a huge help!!

  75. nina feldman says:

    second entry – i would donate this food to the local food pantry – i run a pet food drive to benefit them each year, and this would be a huge help!!

  76. Ken Dufour says:

    1/2 for Pumpkin, 1,2 for Winston


  77. Jessica Bronder says:

    What a great giveaway! Thank you!!

  78. Lindsey says:

    I’d love to be able to donate this to the rescue group I got my kitty from!

  79. Susan Day says:

    Would love to win this for the local animal shelter — have gotten most of my pets through adoption and would like to repay the good fortune!

  80. Bettina says:

    So many worthy fur babies to help with this food

  81. Bocce Tabby says:

    Yummy! Some for me and some for my feral friends.

  82. Cynthia says:

    I would try one bag on my brood of little old men (most of my cats are seniors). I would talk to my wonderful vet Dr. Sessa for direction as to where to send the rest. So many cats are going hungry these days. Only today I heard about a twelve year old sweet girl who was abandoned by her owner without so much as a look back. So much for holiday spirit! Thanks for offering this gift to the needy.

  83. Bruce Schram says:

    My little guys would love the cat food being offered. They are small cats so they would not eat it all. If I win I would joyfully share this wonderful gift with the local shelter


  84. Mini says:

    FOOD! I love FOOD! But we has food so we will give it to cat rescue here in town.

  85. Sanjee says:

    Yep, we will give it to cat rescue in town if we wins. Dat is nice.

  86. Lee Tatar says:

    Woul love to be able to win this. As we recently got a cat a year ago, and as everyone knows times our tough. Plus with this balanced diet formula I would love to see our cat stay healty as he is getting big

  87. Paul says:

    I hungry. Give food to my caregiver. NOW!

  88. valerie says:

    I have 3 cats, but they don’t eat Science Diet. But, there is a great no kill shelter nearby who is having financial problems, and could close. I think they could really benefit from this prize.

  89. Flip and Slippers says:

    we would donate this to a local shelter!

  90. flicka47 says:

    Oh! I’d love to be able to donate this to my local shelter! Thanks Mousebreath & Hill’s for the opportunity to win this!

  91. The McCuddlesworths says:

    have a meowy christmas, everyone!

  92. William says:

    If I won I would try some, share some and donate some.

  93. Lillian Spiro says:

    I know many outdoor kitties can use the food. I buy what I can afford, this would help them out so very much.

  94. Cathy Cassar says:

    We are a diverse household with two kittehs, Mimi and Faye, 2 dogs, Rocco and Murphy and Chichi, our chinchilla. All of our animals, except chichi came from shelters. Mimi and Rocco came from the michigan Humane society. We would love to give back to them!

  95. Anthony says:

    I am a super at three buildings in the South Bronx,NY for what seems to be 30 to 40 cats and kittens (someone is always giving birth)for the past 2 1/2 years who come running from all directions when they here my truck arrive. I definitely cannot afford buying dry and canned food all the time – since my Brother’s passing (I’ve even taken care of his three Wheaten Terriers) – so the bills need to be paid and these guys need to eat, they never go a day without food and water – and I search high and low for cat food on sale and for the best bargains in the Supermarkets K-Mart and elsewhere. These cats are something else – they rip everyone’s garbage bags in the neighborhood but mine – I just give them each a wink for a thank you.
    Hey, I think everyone needs to be able to have at least one meal a day – and I really try my best to provide for them.
    Anyway – any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  96. Judy says:

    I would love to be able to give the food to my niece and her family. They have two rescue cats, and not a lot of money.

  97. Amy says:

    This will help a lot.

  98. James says:

    This is what I think of Santa Paws and this silly outfit.

  99. Willow says:

    My brother needs urinary health food because he has had bladder blockages. So my mommy, brother and I would like to win so we can donate the food to save a pet! They have hundreds of hungry kitties.

  100. pamela curry says:

    I would donate the food to Catsnap. They are te rescue that I adopted my 3 boys from. They always can use the food and free up money for other uses

  101. Jake says:

    I would like to have my two cats try this.

  102. Kaytee says:

    My kitty, Gunther, only eats science diet due to his health issues. He would appreciate this food so much!

  103. Pearl says:

    I just adopted a shelter kitty. SD is the food of choice. I’d love to share SD with the shelter for all the other kitties not yet adopted.

  104. Ive adopted three kitties would love some new hills food- abbey, Meggie and half-pint

  105. Jennifer says:

    I love your Christmas kitteh picture! It made me laugh!

  106. Lori Lamb says:

    As a lifelong feline lover and supporter of several animal charities, what a Godsend it would be to be able to bless one of my ‘pet’ charities with 150 pounds of your new food.

    I’ll be looking for this new product at my local pet food store. With three hungry furbabies to feed, I’m always looking for the best possible food for my fur-kids.


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