Sexy Mancat Mancave Offers Privacy for Luvin’!!!

January 9, 2012 |


Hey evrybuddy, it’s Fred heer, and I’m happy to be back frum my vacation. I’m starting off the 2012 selection of mancat mancaves with this sexy number: a cat canopy bed in a chic leopard print!

It’s stylish and beautifully crafted – and offers just the rite amount of privacy for luving moments. With Valentine’s Day just arownd the korner, THINK AHED, MANCATS! Whut gerlcat in her rite mind cood rezist a fling in a mancave like this?

It’s made of rot-iron wich meens it won’t rot anytime soon.

Where to Buy This Mancat Mancave Canopy Bed

You’ll find purchase info for this sexy canopy cat bed here.

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