World’s “Tallest” Cat is Trouble

January 11, 2012 |

World's Tallest Cat is Trouble
The world has a new “Tallest Cat,” and his name is Trouble.

Trouble, an F2 Savannah hybrid cat from Walnut Grove, California, measures 19 inches from toe to shoulder, as recently certified by Guinness World Records. And yes, he looks like trouble.

Looks are deceiving in his case, though. Despite being 25% African Serval, Trouble is a “relaxed, indoor animal,” according to John Maraspina, whose wife, Debby, bred Trouble.

“I was lucky to get a big guy,” says Debby.

World's Tallest Cat is Trouble

She hadn’t really thought much about his size until a friend of hers — who owns the World’s Longest Cat, a Maine Coon — suggested that Trouble be “officially” measured. He beat out the current record holder by an inch.

He’s a lean cat. Despite his height, he weighs in at a trim 20 lbs., less than many domestic cats. But he doesn’t subsist on the typical domestic cat’s diet. Eschewing Fancy Feast, Trouble is a picky eater, going for rabbit meat and beef, warmed and cut directly off the bone.

But he plays the same as any typical house cat, enjoying a game of Whirlybird as much as the next cat.

And he has his own aquarium.

“He has a spot on the end of the big tank where he sits and watches them [the fish],” said Debby. “That’s Trouble’s Christmas present.”


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