Cat Who Vanished during Home Invasion Burglary is Found

February 18, 2012 |

Kiko cat lost during home invasion burglary is found

On February 3rd, a burglar broke into the home of the York family in Milwaukee, taking electronics, wallets, and even a child’s piggy bank from the child’s room. The front door was propped open with a snow shovel and left that way upon the thief’s departure. That’s when the family lost their most precious possession, a brown tabby named Kiko.

The family enlisted the assistance of their community in finding Kiko who was described as “a tad overweight and built like a tank.” Newspaper and television coverage helped get the word out, and they were rewarded on Thursday, when Kiko was found.

A woman named Rose, who works at Natural Pet, spotted the brown tabby in her backyard. She had seen signs posted about the missing cat and contacted the Yorks who were thrilled to have Kiko back. Kiko seems no worse for wear, but has been sleeping non-stop since his return.


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