Cee Lo Gets His Purr on via Rent-a-Cat

March 21, 2012 |

Cee Lo and Cat

Move over, Jackson Galaxy. There’s another unlikely celebrity Cat Guy in town.

Fans of The Voice have noticed that the pawpular musician rarely goes anywhere without his cat, Purrfect, riding shotgun.

Where did he get the cat, and why?

The cat is a rescue cat who has a rewarding career as a rent-a-cat at Benay’s Bird & Animal Rental. When rabid animal lover Cee Lo decided he wanted to have a cat on The Voice this season, there was a problem. With his hectic travel schedule, he didn’t think it would be fair to own a cat at this time. But the rent-a-cat fills the bill. He gets snuggle time with the elegant white furball, but can ensure that the cat is well cared for full-time.

Like many web-savvy cats, Purrfect has Facebook and Twitter profiles, and enjoys tweeting from her iPawd. She lists her location as Cee Lo Green’s lap, and admits to a penchant for diamonds, fish and cashmere.

No one’s talking about what Purrfect is paid, but an unnamed source estimated that she gets about $350 per day, including $45/hour for her entourage, which includes trainers.

Does Purrfect enjoy her job?

“Who wouldn’t?” she says. “There’s nuthin’ like a huge lap o’ love to sit in and all the petting I can handle.”


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