Meowvelous Movies: Penguin Cam

March 16, 2012 |

Movie Review for Cats: Penguin Cam

Welcome to this week’s edishun of Meowvelous Movies, the movie review for cats.

This week, we’re reviewing Penguin Cam, a streaming feed of hot — I mean, cold — penguin action.

SKEEZIX: Are pengwinz fish or berds?

MAO: That’s a good qweschun. I’d have to smell one to be shur. They walk on the grownd. So I don’t think they’re berds or fish. They’re just penguins.

SKEEZIX: Are they yummy?

MAO: I don’t think so. Otherwize, there wood be a penguin Fancy Feast flavor.

SKEEZIX: Well, wether they’re yummy or not, this is an amazing movie! It goze on for hours and the akshun is always diffrint.

MAO: Yeah, and you git yer choice of watching them on land or in the see.

SKEEZIX: Watching them underwater made me a little nerviss cuz I thot I mite git wet!

MAO: But the underwater part is the best! They’re swimmin and floatin and it’s fun to paw at them and see if you can ketch one.

SKEEZIX: And the movie is always on, even in the middle of the nite! It is the. longest. movie. EVAH!

MAO: But even tho it’s long, it is jam packed with akshun. Like in a Derty Harry movie. And I like win the penguins look strate into the camera.

Can they see us? Cuz it looks like they’re lookin at us.

MAO: They’re lookin at YOU Skeezix. They’re wundering why you went commando today.

SKEEZIX: That’s creepy! I’m gonna go put on sum underpants.

MAO: Wate! Do you give it paws up or paws down?

SKEEZIX: It gits a paws up frum me. I’m gonna go back and watch it now.

MAO: Paws up frum me, too. Save me a seat!

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  1. Len and Skimpy says:

    We watched it! It was entrhalling!

  2. Bernadette says:

    They’re hysterical! This reminds me of conversations among the Fantastic Four. I may set it up on my computer and see what they think.

  3. Max says:

    They’re very noisy, but it’s kind of addicting to watch them. I keep wondering if they taste like chicken…


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