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April 5, 2012 |

Amy Smart announces Pet Armor's Pet Protection Promise to keep shelter pets flea free.

As spokesperson for Pet Armor (the “generic” equivalent of Frontline that costs about half the price), actress Amy Smart launched a campaign this week to promote PetArmor’s Pet Protection Promise to provide flea and tick protection to shelter pets.

All you need to do to send a dose of PetArmor’s flea and tick protection to a shelter animal in the U.S. is “like” PetArmor on Facebook and tell where you’d like your dose to go. That’s it!

Experts predict that this will be a banner year for fleas and ticks due to the mild winter that most of us experienced. Therefore, it’s important not only to keep your animals up-to-date on their flea treatments, but also to help shelter animals keep updated on theirs. Many shelter animals are infested with fleas or ticks on intake which can be life threatening — especially for kittens and puppies with weakened immune systems. If you have animals with flea allergies (as my cat, Tripper has), flea/tick protection is a lot less expensive than a vet visit. PetArmor now makes flea and tick protection affordable.

Mousebreath was invited to the press conference launching PetArmor’s new Pet Protection Pledge, a campaign that will provide up to 20,000 doses of PetArmor to shelter animals across the country. Here’s a video of Amy Smart, including an adorable interaction with a curious puppy and a wee tabby kitten:

(In a reader? Click title to watch video.)

We’ve been using PetArmor since the product was launched a year ago and it is as effective as Frontline at nearly half the cost. If, like us, you’re trying to trim your budget wherever you can, PetArmor helps you do so without compromising your pets’ well-being.

PetArmor Giveaway Package

Mousebreath is giving away a prize package that includes:

  • Three doses of PetArmor
  • A stylish PetArmor scarf for your pet
  • Catnip!

How to Enter

Entries have closed for this giveaway. Winner to be announced the week of April 16th.

DISCLOSURE: PetArmor has provided the giveaway prizes. PetArmor paid for all travel, hotel, meals and incidental expenses to send Mousebreath to the PetArmor press conference in New York. All opinions expressed herein are Mousebreath’s own. We are a long-time user of PetArmor and heartily endorse its use.

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  1. Jennifer Fitzgibbons says:

    I “liked” PetArmor on Facebook and signed the Pet Protection Pledge.

    Thank you so much!
    Jennifer North Fitzgibbons

    Facebook ID:

  2. Kate says:

    I have signed the PetArmour Pet Protection Pledge.

  3. Mr Green Jeans says:

    I did it! I hope I win cuz flea stuff is expensive.

  4. Francois le Furry says:

    i sined the pleje. i cant wate to win

  5. sniffer says:

    I took the pledge! I can has pet armour?

  6. We don’t have our own FB page, so we sent our human Jan over to Like PetArmor and donate a dose to a shelter.

  7. Leroy Cow Cat says:

    DOne! I don’t want no fleez.

  8. McMurphy says:

    Cool! I signed the pledge. glad 2 help shelter kittehs

  9. pepe poohole says:

    I signed it. I hope I win!

  10. EA Poe says:

    I signed the plegde. I hope I win. I hate fleeez.

  11. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Our Momma signed the Pledge @PetArmor and selected a shelter to donate to.

  12. Nancy Mahoney says:

    I pledged. Hope my shelter wins!

  13. Lenney Catalvo says:

    I’m all pledged up. Where can we buy PetAmor?

  14. Casper says:

    Took this pledge now I’m just waiting 2 win

  15. collette says:

    What a great way to help out shelters!

  16. gingerpuss says:

    I had a tick once. It sucked.

  17. grandpa dan says:

    I foster senior cats, so getting free flea treatments would help a lot. I signed the pledge and hope i win../. for the kittys!

  18. fosters friend says:

    I have six cats and foster kittens at this time of year and I’ve been unemployed for a while so money is tight. I’m glad there’s a lower cost alternative to front line — the cost for flea treatments for my furbabies really adds up.

    and oh yeah, i took the pledge. good luck, everybvody!

  19. boo boo bambino says:

    Took da pledge!

  20. Kitty says:

    Liked PetArmour FB page. Took the pledge.

  21. Angel, Frank and Rudy says:

    we pledjed

  22. guy and ralna says:

    we sined it now pik us!

  23. dazey duke says:

    count me in pleeez

  24. ernie purrnesto says:

    Is it two late too enter? I sined da plej


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