Mancat Mancave: The Marie Antoinette Cat Bed

April 30, 2012 |

bronze marie antoinette cat bed for kitties

This is Fred with anuther edishun of Mancat Mancaves.

This week we have a grate mancat mancave for the mancat with a harum. Cuz it’s sort of harum-stiled even tho it’s called a Marie Antoinette bed whutever that is. If you think of yerself as a mancat sultan, you’ll love this cat bed.

The stile will be a magnet for ladycats, but it’s not sooper gerly. It’s a nice nootral bronz color wich is pritty mancatly. And it has kertins fur privacy win you wunt to have sexy times.

Heer is a closeup — see that HOT HOT HOT ladycat lounging there? She looks happy, rite?

bronze marie antoinette cat bed for kitties

They say it is lovingly krafted in “the traditional manner.” Whut the heck duz that meen? Anyway, they use reel jenuine solid wood — not cheep partikul bord krap — to make it. The cushuns are stufft with reel live ded FETHERS!!!! And thare’s an ostridge fether on top! Writing abowt berds is making me hungry!

As fur the price, well if you need to ask…. here’s the link.

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Fred lives in Illinois with his sister, Ethel, and unfortunately, with a yappy dog named Caesar. Fred doesn't have a blog, but if he did, he'd write about his obsession: Mancat Mancaves. He's Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave expurrt.

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  1. Max says:

    I don’t think I’m man enough for that one…

  2. LOKi and Bean says:

    Whut he sed…

  3. Leonidas says:

    I think it would be good for attracting the ladies, tho.


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