Meditations with Meezers: A Single Leap

April 9, 2012 |

Meditations with Meezers:  Single Leap


“It is by attempting to reach the top in a single leap that so much misery is caused in the world.”—William Cobbett

Chey says: Often when you leap to a high place in one leap you knock things off and then humans get mad at you.

Ichiro says: But once everything is knocked off it should be okay to leap in a single leap right?

Chey: Unless someone has put that stuff back where you knock it off again.

Ichiro: Why would they do that?

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Cheysuli is a Siamese cat who understands the grandeur of her own godliness. While she hates the idea of having Ichiro around, she understands that he is her cross to bear. As a result she is teaching him all she knows about the world. Chey also writes her own blog ( about the people around her.

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  1. skeezix says:

    Tripper jumps up and noks stuff down all the time cuz he’s too fat and klumzy. But I’m as gracefull as a ballay danser. I never nok stuff down.


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