Cat Humor: A cat’s guide to feline superiority

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  1. Floofy says:

    are they cuz i have a black cat!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary Jane Juniper says:

    I want to wash my cat as she has fleas. I am going to use a flea shampoo, but I have something that I have to ask..

    I have washed her before, while she had the fleas already, and I saw that the fleas all gathered to her head area. I was thinking about what I should do, because I want to wash her near her head, but I can’t, so my question is what I’m suppose to do about this?

  3. Poopy Persian says:

    My fanfiction is about the beginning of the five clans and I need cats for ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. Please list the traits of each cat in the list below:

    Eye Color:

    Thanks for the help!
    By romance I do mean a love interest, sorry for not elaborating.

  4. Hughes says:

    It does not laugh at my jokes.

  5. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I have had many cats throughout my life and have noticed a pattern with the color of the cat. For instance, I find that black cats tend to be very friendly, Siamese (I know it’s a breed, but they are distinctive in their look) are very possessive and talkative, yellow cats seem to be affectionate and kind of low-keyed, and the list goes on and on. Has anyone else noticed this pattern through having many cats? If so, why do you think this is — genetic coding that presents along with the color, or something else? Thanks.

  6. Tiger says:

    I know she purrs and gets excited when I play peek-a-boo with her but I’m not sure if its humor or not. Or if cats even have humor

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