Cat Moms Deserve the Full Mother’s Day Treatment!

May 13, 2012 |

I’d LIke to pay homage to all of the moms out there whose “kids” are cats. Especially the ones whose ONLY kids are cats.

We get shortchanged on Mother’s Day. We’re not acknowledged by most for the love, care and support we give the felines in our families.

watercolor cat and mom by susan faye

watercolor by Susan Faye

It’s interesting from a sociological standpoint that as couples begin lives together and begin to build a family, even close friends can grow apart when one couple has cat kids and the other has human kids. Us cat moms have to endure hours upon hours of conversation about soccer games, ballet, bagpipe lessons, and how little Michelle is a prodigy to rival Einstein. Michelle’s parents don’t want to hear about my cats, they just want to talk about Michelle. We see each other less and less, eventually becoming just Christmas card friends.

That’s somewhat less the case with parents who also have cats, but ultimately, soccer practice and PTA meetings win out.

OK, maybe I’m just a teensy bit bitter that I’ll never be the star of Mother’s Day despite the fact that our cats are family in every way. When a cat has stolen a piece of your heart, it is no less valid an attachment than that of parents and human spawn.

Those who say, “It’s just a cat” have never had a cat, have never experienced their rich emotional lives, have never been enriched by the parental attachment to these little furry beasts.

So, Cat Moms, whether your cats remembered you on Mother’s Day or not, let us salute ourselves for a job well done. We rock!

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  1. Hooray for cat moms, and may they all have a happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Newman says:

    Three cheers for cat Moms! Thanks for the post. I bought the MRS. a funny card and gave her a doorbell that looks like a cat!

  3. Jen says:

    Thank you for this post!

    After having my mom leave when I was young, my grandmother who raised me deceased and the inability to have kids – Mother’s Day is brutal to say the least!

    I have to deal with “it’s just a cat” on a daily basis. Um, it’s not “just a cat”, he is my everything.

  4. Mochy says:

    My Mom has a bumper sticker that says, “My cat is smarter than your honor student.” Too bad she don’t have a car. That’s kinda dumb, huh?

  5. skeezix says:

    Mochy, my FL has something kinda the same: My cat has a better blog than your dog on her lisense plate frame. Then she has on the bottum.

  6. Sally says:

    Agree with Jen. I have gotten so dang tired of hearing how great my friends kids are, now I have to hear about their so intelligent grandchild, who is extra special because they all now have some form of ‘autism’….golly that sounds mean! Sorry, but I’m not special enough to have human children, but I have my cat, who is MY everything! Betcha my cat is more grateful for each day of life than your kid is! Now I feel better! HAPPY MOMS DAY TO ALL CAT MOMS!


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