Flying Spaghetti Monster Mancave for Mancats

May 14, 2012 |

flying spaghetti monster cat cave

Hey everycat, Fred heer, with this week’s edishun of Mancat Mancaves.

This custom felted mancave is cozy and cumfterbul. It’s gray wich is a vary mancatly color like sumthing a jentleman mancat wood sleep in. It has tennikels in the top but the tennikels don’t look like hoo-has. It looks more like an upside down flying spagetti monster.

The tennikels look like they’d be fun to play with. Yoo could put sum nip thare and play with the tennikels and then jump on an unsuspekting cat inside the mancave.

flying spaghetti monster felted cat cave with tentacles

See? Vary cumfterbul. I could sleep about 30 hours a day in this mancave. Whut about you?

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