In da Dugout with Harrison Jeter

in the dugout with harrison jeter

Hi everycat. This is Tripper Harrison Jeter filling in for Jeter Harris with news frum the dugout.

Hedikki Matsui (hoo got his name frum Mousebreath’s resident sports columnist’s rat-catching brudder) has sined with the Tampa Bay Rays. Matsui is a squillion yeers old in cat yeers, and he’ll in the minors for awile. We like the Rays becuz they have a fun cat mascot hoo helps thare mane mascot Ray during games. We don’t like them as much as the Detroit TIGERS, but then it’s hard to like anything as much as da grate tigerz.

Over in New York, Derek Jeter (hoo got his name frum Mousebreath’s resident sports columnist) is batting .389 wich is probably the only thing saving the Yankeez frum circling the bole. Fill Hyooz is sukking, and Garcia was throne into the bullpen.

Hoo else is circling the bole? How about the Royals? They lost 12 consekutive games within thare first 17 games of the seezin. They shood just throw in the towl and go on vaykayshun.

But one hoo izn’t sukking is Buster Pozie of da grate San Fransisko Giants. He wuz on the DL furever cuz of an injery but he’s bak playin now and he is awesum, batting .400 over the last 12 games with a .603 sluggin persentage. How grate is that?

And that’s my repurrt frum da Dugout. THE END.

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Tripper is a 22-lb tabby mancat who promised NOT TO RITE EVRYTHING IN CAPS if he got a chance to write for Mousebreath. He's always taking applications for gerlcats to join his harem, although his main squeeze is Perfectly Parker. Trip is the funniest, sweetest, most affectionate teddy bear of a cat that you will ever find. He's also got the biggest set of moobs and a furchin that you'll ever see.

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  1. come to detroit, you can come to a game with us! (I live in the Detroit area)…but….I am originally from Cleveland so I am an INDIANS FAN first and foremost! :)

    Super clever post!

  2. Leonidas says:

    I can’t wait until Jeter Harris gets back.

  3. wow … wutta grate sportz report. dat harrison jeter iz sum grate guy.
    i am jus sayin.


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