Kittehs! 13 Ways to Tell Mom You Love Her

May 10, 2012 |

things  cats can do to their moms they love them - mother's day

Kittehs, if you’re hard-pressed as to what to get yer mom for Mother’s Day (considering you probly don’t have any milk money), here are 13 ways to tell yer mom you love her without braking the bank.

  1. Let her sleep in on Mother’s Day. Yes, you may starve having to wait until 8am for brekfist, but she’ll appreeciate it.
  2. Make her a nice brekfist like a hole bole of Temptations.
  3. Wile she’s eating brekfist, klime on the table rite next to the bole of Temptations and look deeply in her eyes so she noze you love her.
  4. If you barf on Mother’s Day, blame it on the other cats so she’ll like you best. Or eat it up so she duzn’t hafta kleen it up.
  5. Lik her face. Shows affekshun AND gives her a nice dermabrayzhun fayshul that she wood have to spend tens of dollars for in the salon.
  6. When she feeds you, eet the first can she opens for you rather than the fifth.
  7. Bring her a nice big fresh ded rat. The. Best. Gift. Ever. Snakes are good too.
  8. Hock up a hareball in the shape of a hart.
  9. Poop “I LUV U” in the litter box and don’t cover so she’ll see it.
  10. Sing her a song at the top of yer voice.
  11. If she wares blak to go out to dinner, shed “I ♥ you” on it just before she leeves.
  12. Eet her hare so she noze how yumalicious she is.
  13. Before she goze to sleep, klime on top of her hart (wich is under her mommy bags) and purr until yer purrer is worn out.

That’s it! Easy skeezy, rite? I garuntee it will be a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Do yoo have any other bujit-frendly sugjestions?

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  1. I love each and every one of these 13 ways to show your love…My husband is going to have a talk with our kittys,here’s hoping they will at least go through the first one.5 am comes a little to fast,that’s when they play knowing it will wake me up!

  2. chissus says:

    love this list!

  3. mwaahhaaahhaaa…let me think on this…I am sure I can come up with something furry furry bujit minded…oohh I know…I have one…lik her eyebrows to get the extra ones off so’s she doesn’t have to get the waxy thingy done at the salon…how’s that one???

  4. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    If we could ALL be nice to one another for just one day! Bet that would make her happy.

  5. oooooh! We loves the dermabration facial!!! We so totally gonna do that!

  6. Mandy says:

    You are wise, Mr. Skeezix!


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