Luxe Custom Cat Furniture You Can Buy from Home

May 25, 2012 |

five pet place offers custom designer cat furniture

Michael Ostrofsky is a hard-core cat guy. After he built his home he couldn’t find cat furniture that was of sufficiently high quality for his new home. The tan or blue carpet-wrapped cat trees just weren’t doing it for him.

From his frustration was born. It offers a collection of Pet Accessories for the Home™ where cat lovers can build their own products to order in styles and finishes that complement their home’s decor.

Ostrofsky explains, “Nothing in the market was going to look good in my home,” said Ostrofsky. “So I designed and built a few items with my Dad — and they were so well received the idea for a company was born.”

Five Pet Place’s product line includes a Food & Water Server, Litter Cabinet, Scratching Pad, Scratching Post and Window Bed. The products are available in a variety of paint and stain finishes and may be customized to order through a menu of designer accents.

“Pets are family members now,” said Ostrofsky. “Yet pet products have stayed the same. We felt the time was right for a series of sophisticated, attractive and very high quality products that address the physical and psychological needs of cats.”

His cats — Sabrina, Lucy, Napa, Paint and Sparky — form the product testing team. After new products are created they are tested by team. If the products get a paws up from the team they are finished in high quality finishes.

“Every aspect of these products was driven by the well being of my cats” said Ostrofsky. “The restaurant grade bowls in our Food & Water Server. The natural, untreated sisal rope in our Scratching Pad and Post. The materials in our Window Bed. We’re talking about more than aesthetics here as health, safety and performance considerations were behind each of those product-related decisions.

“Five Pet Place is more than best in class products,” says Ostrofsky. “We’re about caring and the positive, happy and loving bonds formed between people and their cats.”

All of the products at Five Pet Place are made in the U.S.A. using as many U.S. produced components as possible.

“I’m not having my products made in places where people eat cats,” Ostrofsky said. “You can’t say you care about them if you do. Too many turn a blind eye to animal rights, human rights and the environment when making products. I don’t. Besides, Americans need to get back to work.”

Start designing your own cat furniture now at

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  1. Francois le Furry says:

    These are purrty

  2. THIS is downright GORGEOUS!

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