This Mancat Mancave Attracts Birds Like CRAZY!

May 28, 2012 |

a hidden hollow luxury cat tree

Feest yer eyes on theeze byooties!

Theeze mancat mancaves are bilt to look like REEL TREES! Boy if I had one of theeze, I’d be ketching and eeting berds all day long. Dr Marty Becker listed it as one of the best cat products in the histery of the universe or sumthing like that.

a hidden hollow luxury cat tree

It’s got evrything a cat could wunt. You can git reely high, you can have lots of privacy behind the leeves and thare are lots of hidey holes ware you can entertane gerlcats. It’s got skratchers, too. THIS IS JUST LIKE LIVING IN THE WILD, KITTEHS! It’s sure to bring our yer true nature. I think I have a mitey lion inside me. Or maybe Tony the Tiger.

Anyway, thare are diffrint versions you can see at I’m puttin it on my Krissmiss list.

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  1. LOKi and Bean says:

    Cood we eet the leeves and thro them up?


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