Tap into your Cat’s True Nature with Agility Training

June 6, 2012 |

Our friends at Purina One are currently exploring the cat’s true nature, observing the intersection of wild and domestic cat behavior to learn how best to enrich our cats’ lives.

I’m part of a team of passionate cat owners who are working with cat behavior experts at Purina to implement a series of lifestyle tips over the course of several weeks and document how our cats respond to environmental enrichment.

It’s a fun and enlightening program. Mousebreathers will get a peek at some of the super-secret testing we’re doing through a series of videos we’ll post here. Enjoy!

THE FINE PRINT: Purina One has generously provided promotional considerations (including but not limited to travel expenses, lodging, equipment, food, and training) to enable Mousebreath’s participation in the Purina One True Nature program. Purina One does not require that the program’s content and findings be shared on Mousebreath. For more videos from other members of the program, visit the Purina One True Nature Facebook Page.

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