Project Turns Throwaway Tchotchkes into Art… and Cat Food

July 30, 2012 |

The teal cat project takes thrift store rejects and upcycles them for cat shelters across the USA

Next to pink, teal is the favorite color of Mousebreath’s staff (although we have one holdout for Yankee pinstripe blue).

After all, who among us hasn’t gone into a thrift shop, cat-radar on high, and seen a cat figure so hideously fugly you can’t imagine an era in which anyone would want to own it? Or maybe there’s one in your own garage, remnants of Aunt Thelma’s estate?

In an attempt to wipe out cheezy tchotchkes in our lifetime — and save the lives of cats while they’re doing it — The Teal Cat Project upcycles postwar-era ceramic thrift store cats and turns them into money for select shelters.

the teal cat project

It takes a couple of months for the project to collect and paint all of the kitties in each litter with a coat or two of teal. Each cat comes with a tag and a charm around its neck. The ceramic cats are donated, and you can donate one, too.

The most recent recipient of the project’s fundraising was Feline Friendz, an Omaha, NE-based group that helps cats in need across the midwest. That litter sold out within just a couple of days. The next litter will be ready for adoption in September…  LIKE The Teal Cat Project’s Facebook page so you don’t miss your chance to adopt a teal cat of your very own.

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