Stray Cat Catapults to Fame on TV Reporter’s Shoulder

July 8, 2012 |

A camera-happy tabby catapulted to fame when he leaped onto the shoulder of a TV reporter filming a live story in Grand Rapids, MI this week. It’s furly obvious that this handsome guy is star material:

Mousebreath caught up with him for an exclusive interview. He says his name is Geraldo and he’s been seeking his big break most of his adult life.

MOUSEBREATH: Geraldo, why’d you do it?

GERALDO: I always knew I was destined for fame and fortune. I’ve been seeking my big break for years. I tried out for the X Factor and America’s Got Talent but didn’t make it past the auditions. (Due to species prejudice, I’m sure.) I tried to get on Dancing with the Stars but they said I had to be a has-been to get on the show.

So when I saw this beautiful lady in frunt of a TV camera, I figured it’s now or never and I took the leap!

MOUSEBREATH: And what a leap it was!

Right place, right time, my friend. Now the whole innernets is talking about me. In a couple of weeks I’ll be a has-been and I’ll be able to shoot to fame on Dancing with the Stars. I’ve got my whole career planned out. Now all I need is an agent.

MOUSEBREATH: You seem awfully ambitious for a cat. Will any of this cut into your nap time?
Not really. I just grab cat naps whenever I can, and I remind myself to sieze the day. You never know what fate will throw at you.

MOUSEBREATH: That’s great advice, Geraldo. Good luck on your career.

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