Stray Cat Catapults to Fame on TV Reporter’s Shoulder

July 8, 2012 |

A camera-happy tabby catapulted to fame when he leaped onto the shoulder of a TV reporter filming a live story in Grand Rapids, MI this week. It’s furly obvious that this handsome guy is star material:

Mousebreath caught up with him for an exclusive interview. He says his name is Geraldo and he’s been seeking his big break most of his adult life.

MOUSEBREATH: Geraldo, why’d you do it?

GERALDO: I always knew I was destined for fame and fortune. I’ve been seeking my big break for years. I tried out for the X Factor and America’s Got Talent but didn’t make it past the auditions. (Due to species prejudice, I’m sure.) I tried to get on Dancing with the Stars but they said I had to be a has-been to get on the show.

So when I saw this beautiful lady in frunt of a TV camera, I figured it’s now or never and I took the leap!

MOUSEBREATH: And what a leap it was!

Right place, right time, my friend. Now the whole innernets is talking about me. In a couple of weeks I’ll be a has-been and I’ll be able to shoot to fame on Dancing with the Stars. I’ve got my whole career planned out. Now all I need is an agent.

MOUSEBREATH: You seem awfully ambitious for a cat. Will any of this cut into your nap time?
Not really. I just grab cat naps whenever I can, and I remind myself to sieze the day. You never know what fate will throw at you.

MOUSEBREATH: That’s great advice, Geraldo. Good luck on your career.

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  1. i wunder if geraldo wuz named after da grate geraldo rivera, hizself.

  2. Dorothy Abernathy says:

    Since the reporter was unable to take Geraldo home with her, what’s happen to him? He looks health, from what you can see of him, and his fur is shiny, as a stars should be. If he’s lucky, a cameraperson will want to collaborate.

  3. Well, we hope this sudden fame gets him a great furever home!

  4. Louise says:

    A star is born!!!!!

  5. Louise says:

    A star is born!!

  6. Connie says:

    I have heard about this kitty quite a bit recently, but no one but you has done a follow up! Kudos

  7. skeezix says:

    The guess was that the cat (since he appeared healthy, friendly and well-fed) was from a home nearby. It was a nice neighborhood. He didn’t purrvide his home address becuz of the pawpurratzi.

  8. Ah all the exciting things happen in Grand Rapids! We miss that town. Thanks for the scoop on Geraldo!

  9. vickie says:

    Im worried about the cat..they shold have made sure it was taken care of before the news left..i hope someone can tell us more of what happened to the was so sweet…Someone might haave abandoned it that very day that is why it looks healthy..


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