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September 12, 2012 |

win $15000 in friskies internet cat video contest

First there were the Oscars®. Then the Emmys®. Now, the Friskies. Yes, cats now get recognition of their movie making skills with a grand prize award of $15,000 grand prize. Four category winners will each get a check for $2,500.

Mousebreath reporter Skeezix the Cat was disappointed to learn that he’s ineligible to compete to win the coveted award. “As everycat knows, I’m a vary good filmmaker,” he said. “I lernt frum the fameuss Kenn Bell and I am well known in the cat film commyoonity for my patented nek-held camra tekneek. But the Food Lady is a judge in the contest, so she sed it woodn’t be fare for me to compeet.”

That leaves plenty of room for other cat filmmakers to win the $15,000 grand prize, or runner up prizes that include a year’s supply of Friskies.


There are four CATegories in which to submit your entry:

  1. CATNESS: the essence of cat behavior, capture a cat (or multiple cats) just being a cat, moments of pure cat wonder, quirkiness, and delight;
  2. CATCOM: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation;
  3. CATVENTURE: capture an indoor cat (or multiple cats) on an adventure;
  4. CATCH ALL: miscellaneous category for Entries that don’t fit in to one of the other categories.

Share videos to donate to cat charities

Even if your movie making skills suck, you can still pawticipate by sharing videos which will trigger a Friskies donation to a designated cat shelter. During “The Friskies,” each entry, vote, like or share of a video on the Friskies® Facebook page will trigger a donation of 5 cans of Friskies® to one of 25 cat charity partners across the nation, up to 250,000 cans.

How to Submit Your Video

Submit your video here. Complete rules and other contest information is available at The Friskies website.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info on the contest!

  2. We sent one in. It’s not professional; it’s just Truffle being her funny self.

  3. June says:

    Too bad my mom suks at video.


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