Wee Kitten Trapped Inside Abe Lincoln Statue

November 20, 2012 |

A veryveryveryveryvery tiny kitten was heard crying for help from within a statue of Abraham Lincoln at the presidential museum. After 3 days, the fire department was called and a handsome fireman crawled inside to bring out the squealing ball of fur. He’ll be put to work as the residential presidential cat at the museum – watch the video for the heartwarming story.

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  1. Awwwwwwww, sweet baby. A hunky fireman indeed, and a few others. Glad that baby is safe!

  2. What a sweet little one! Seems too tiny to be called “Abe”!

  3. Faye Jordan says:

    Reading this article reminded me of my cat being trapped.
    In2008. I lived in an apartment complex. It was in February, cold and rainy. Bubba (name Starry night Bubbles), had been missing for a few days. The third day I heard him meowing in front of my apartment but couldn’t see him. I thought I was hearing things. The next mirning I opened my door and heard him again. There was a small water drain in the yard. It was covered with a lot of leaves so I didn’t even know it was there. I was frantic when I brushed all the leaves back. Rebar was crisscross in the drain. I immediately called the fire dept. they told me that they didn’t rescue cats. I called the police and they told me to call the fire dept cause they didn’t handle that. It was getting dark outside and all I could do was cry. The police stop by to see the problem. I guess some neighbor called them about me being outside in my knees crying. I explained and they could hear Bubba crying. They left but returned with a crow bar and handed it to a friend and said for us not to tell where we got it. He got the rebar off but the drain but it was so small in the curve of the metal that he couldn’t get out. My friend walked around the side of building and found another drain. I called for bubba and he came there but the police had left and the apt manager came to see what the problem was. I asked him to please dug up the rebar. He wouldn’t!!! He said he would take a hosepipe and flush him out. It was freezing outside and I told him that bubba was mostly an outside cat and if he could get out that he would. Then the manager just left. I went around to very back of complex and found a huge opening at end of drain pipe. I got a flashlight and called his name. He just kept crying. I went in and got him some food and called him and he came back to the second opening. I saw his little face and eyes and I fed him through the bars. I felt so helpless. There was nothing I knew I could do. A neighbor of mine had gotten home and came to find out what was happening. She immediately called PAWS and left messages but they never called back til the mirning. By this time I couldn’t hear Bubbas cries anymore. If only I had known about PAWS and the power all these organizations have. They told my friend if they had known that they could have ordered that manager to allow a contractor to dig up the whole yard if they had to. They also said if I could see his body they still could order to get the body out. I couldn’t see it. I took the flash light and walked up in the big opening of the drain pipe and crawled as far as I could but still could not see Him. I want the message to get out to people
    Who don’t know the rights we have as pet owners. Also the power they have over Landlords, if you rent or live in someone else’s house. It still hurts deeply to this day. This story touched my heart for the little kitten who was rescued. That’s the way it should be all over this nation. Thank you for letting me share my story and not to think that could be the case everywhere. I still have Bubbas mother, Miss Elizabeth i call Missy and she stays close to me. She grieved with me. I’ve never gotten another kitten I think because of what happened. Cats are such a comfort and I believe every home should have one


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