baseball in december? wut da????

December 28, 2012 |

in da dugout with jeter harris

yes brudderz an sistahz an sportsfanz uv all agez … da grate hideki matsui, hizself, haz annownced dat he iz retiring. mi mom an i luv matsui … heck … i havva brudder named fer him. heer’z a little backgrownd fer u:
in 1993 matsui joined da yomiuri giants in japan. dis teem iz da ekwivalent to da new york yankeez he wuz nicknamed godzilla becuz uv hiz powerful bat. he led da giantz to three titlez an wuz named mos valyooable player in 2002.


matsui joined da yankeez in 2003. he hitta grand slam (an dat’zza good thing) in hiz first game at yankee stadiyum. he hit 3 homerz in da 2009 werld seriez an wuz named mos valyooable player. da yankeez were a little stoopid, tho, an matsui wuz traded.

he played wid da angelz, da athleticz, an da rayz fer da las 3 seezonz.

he annownced hiz retirement in noo york sayin “i thot it wuz time to stop.”

he mite go back to japan … or he mite stay in noo york. i hope he stayz in noo york becuz he sumtimez eetz in da local japanese restaurant called “yamaguchi” in mi home town an maybe i can get to see da grate godzilla hizself sumday. u can reed mor abowt hideki matsui heer!

mi brudder matsui (harris) an i am wishin u da verree bes dis holiday seezun.
luv–yer frendz frum da dugowt–matsui an jeter harris

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i amma tabbycat hoo luvz baseball. i got mi start inna parkin lot. i liv in da grate state uv noo york on lon guyland and i luv da noo york yankeez! i share mi howse wid mi brudderz matsui, and dat stoopid kitten joba. i yoozed to luv da grate owtdoorz but, az uv late, i am more uvva howsecat. go figyer. vizit mi grate blog:

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  1. Jobi says:

    Wow, Jeter. That is a tough one. Matsui, definitely a great player. How nice to name a cat after him. That’s a pretty high honor!


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