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December 21, 2012 |

Junior Orion Sammy

We are privileged to bring you Junior – or Junior Babee, as we first knew him – Orion and Sammy today.  Many of you have also known and counted them as blogging friends for a number of years, but we’re pretty confident you’ll learn something new about them today. Or at least be reminded of something you’ve forgotten over time. So pull up a chair in front of the fire or the air conditioner, depending on what part of the world you live in, and settle in for a spell.

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourself and your family to our readers?

Hi, I am Junior, a flame point Siamese. I am about 11 years old and the oldest of our group.

Hi, I am Orion, an orange tabby, and I am around 8 years old. I am the middle sibling in our family.

Hi, I am Sammy, a snowshoe blue Siamese. I am about 3 years old, making me the youngest in our family.

All: Our Meowm Rhonda is the oldest one here but we aren’t allowed to share how old she is.

Funny Farmer Felines: What is your favorite color … treat …. toy?

Junior: Color-blue to match my eyes. Treat-Temptations!!!!! Toy-sparkle balls and sometimes nip toys, especially the nip banana.

Orion: Color- orange, cause I am! Treat-Temptations!!!! Toy-fuzzy schmousies and the nip banana, I have to wrassle my brofur for it!

Sammy: Color-silvery grey to match my furs! Favorite treat-Temptations!!! Toy-Fuzzy schmousies and sparkle balls and feather toys and nip toys. I have lots of play time to make up for!

Funny Farmer Felines: How did each of you come to live with your Meowm? Did you pick her or did she pick you?

Junior: I was with a foster Mom with Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue in Colorado. Meowm had lost China, and was really wanting another meezer. She had a different meezer picked out, but when she saw that I had been with the program for 2 years, she knew I had to come home with her. After Meowm passed all the interviews, Meezer Express took over. Volunteers picked me up in the Denver area and drove me to Rawlins, Wyoming. Meowm left Ogden, Utah with a friend and drove to Rawlins. They all met in a truck stop, where I was waiting in my PTU. Meowm bent over to get her first live and in person look at me and she was very happy. After a brief bathroom break, I was transported to Meowm’s vehicle and off we went. It was a long day, about 10-12 hours, in January, thru Wyoming. But once I got to my new home, I checked out the entire house, ate a little and settled in. I was a bit grumpy and bitey at first, but that cleared up once I knew that this was my furever home.

Orion: Meowm was working at a recycling place and leaving late one night when she saw me. I was meowing up a storm. She called “kitty, kitty,” kneeled down, and I wandered right over. She petted me and I purred. She picked me up, petted me more, and I kept purring. Meowm felt of my front feet and realized I had no front claws! Right then and there she decided that I wouldn’t be staying in the great outdoors any more than overnight, since she wasn’t prepared to transport me home that night. She got up early the next morning to go catch me; however, I was nowhere to be found! She was very concerned till she learned that I had been brought into someone’s office. She settled me in her car in the PTU with some food. That afternoon we went to the v-e-t. All my tests came back negative, but I had worms. It wasn’t until later that Meowm learned that I have asthma. She really meant to just get me healthy and then find a furever home for me, but she couldn’t let me go. I am so very glad she kept me.

Sammy: I lived in the same apartment complex that Meowm does. I apparently had owners, but Meowm ALWAYS saw me outside, no matter what the weather. I found food and nice warm beds on her porch. My favorite was the plastic bag full of straw. Meowm had some help doing TNR, and I was the first kitty to walk into one of those traps. Meowm feared I would never forgive her, but I needed to have my mancat parts removed. She wanted to bring me inside and make me her next kitty, but she had to see if I would stop spraying. Once I forgave her and started letting her touch me again, she waited about 2 months to see if I would still spray. I didn’t, so she began to sit on the porch 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening, petting and feeding me. After awhile, she let me in the house, with my brofurs locked away, then put me back outside. After a while, she set up her large kitty tent, brought me in and tucked me inside it. My brofurs and I could check each other out. Then they would go in the tent and I would roam. Finally we were all able to be inside together! It was about 2 months before Meowm could take me to the v-e-t. She spent nearly $1000 getting me a bath, a dental (6 teeth removed), micro-chipped, and tested for FELV/FIV. It turns out I had infected ears, worms, and am FIV positive. Meowm couldn’t give me up, even with my FIV status, and I am so very thankful for that. I love it here and have no desire to go back outside!

Funny Farmer Felines:: We just know your Meowm has given you all nicknames, so what are some of them? Besides the one your mom gave you years ago, Junior – JuniorwhydidyouhavetodothisnowwhenMeowmislateforwork?

Junior: I have been baby, baby boy, grumpy, boo-boo and Meowm’s cougar (because I am the closest in coloring to a cougar). I am certain there are more, but I do not recall all of them. As for the JuniorwhydidyouhavetodothisnowwhenMeowmislateforwork, I believe that was when I finally laid my head on Meowms arm and fell asleep on it. Meowm wanted so badly to stay with me and let me sleep, but she had to get to work.

Orion: I have been stinky butt (well, it isn’t my fault that the stuff we are forced to eat when outdoors is not good for us), boo-boo, sweet boy and Meowm’s tiger. I am the tiger because of my orangeness and I have a lot of black hairs in my furs.

Sammy: I am Sammer-Sams, Sam-Sam, boo-boo and Meowm’s panther (because I am closest in coloring to a panther).

All: We all get called Meowms sweet boys or Mr. Handsome!

Funny Farmer Felines: Every furry is special. What makes each of you special to your Meowm?

Junior: I am the “aloof” one of the group. I rarely lay on Meowm’s lap, but will lay my head on her arm for naps. I wants scritches when I wants scritches. I will put up with them at other times, but only for a short time. And don’t scritch my belly! I do love my flame bed that sits near the fire in our new place, but if it was much closer to the fire, I probably wouldn’t lay in it. I am the oldest of the group, but since I was a rescue, no one is certain of my exact age. I love my Orion brofur, but could do without my Sammy brofur.

Orion: I am the lap kitty! I would purrfur being in Meowm’s lap to anywhere else. You can always scritch me, but stay away from my belly too. Oh, and I get a little picky about spots on my back. When Meowm found me, I had no front claws and I fight real hard when Meowm tries to clip my back ones. I am the talker of the group, the one that wakes Meowm in the morning and the one demanding we get fed. We would all starve without me! I love both my brofurs and will snuggle up and sleep with either one of them! I have asthma and have to take meds for it, but it doesn’t stop me from having a good time.

Sammy: I am a sometimes lap kitty. Part of the time I am too busy playing to be napping on my Meowm, or anywhere for that matter. I can’t get enough scritches!!!!! If Meowm starts to walk away after scritching me for a bit, I reach out to grab her and bring her back. Unfortunately, sometimes I claw her a bit when I do this. I growl when I hear noises outside our door, so you could say I am the protector kitty! Although when people come in, I run and hide (leftover fear from my days outside since I am a former community cat). I do eventually come out and visit, but on my own terms. I am FIV positive so we have to be careful with me, both with my health and with my oldest brofur Junior. I can’t bite him when we tussle cause I could give him the FIV. Mostly I keep a wide path around my olderst brofur, but I so want to be friends. However, Meowm tells me sneaking up on him to sniff him out when he is in the litterbox is not the way to go about making friends.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you get into? Are you “naughty” individually, or do you work as a team?

All: Oh goodness,we all get into things from time to time! There is so much to explore and jump on! We don’t work together, we do things on our own!

Junior: My naughtiest was probably when I first came to live with Meowm and I would bite her. I have stopped that and now I just get grumpy and growl or hiss.

Orion: My naughtiest was when I peed on the big bed! Meowm was not happy, but neither was I! She had brought in some little kitties and let them stink up our home! I was none to pleased with this, so I showed her!

Sammy-my naughtiest thing I have done is probably a recent one when I reached out to Meowm’s hand to get more scritches and instead ended up scratching 4 of her fingers. I just love the scrithces so much that I don’t want them to end!

All: Meowm says we are all purrty good boys and our home is quite kitty friendly so we don’t have alot of stuff to get naughty about. Of course, we all have our mischievous times of playing thundering herd of elephants when Meowm is trying to sleep. Or meowing at her in the mornings, but that is mainly Orion.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do any of you guys have a girlfriend kitty, or perhaps a secret crush?

Junior: My girlfriend was Nina, Luxors’ sister. Sadly, she has crossed the bridge and I haven’t been looking too hard for another girlfriend.

Orion: My girlfriend was Spooky. and she has also crossed the bridge.

All: If any girls are interested, feel free to leave us a comment on our blog!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you belong to any clubs or groups? We’re not sure if there are any Meezer groups, but you’d fit right in the Tabby Cat Club, Orion.

Junior: I am a member of the Gorgeous Gingers. Other than that, Orion and I have Catster pages, but we don’t go there much. We don’t believe we are members of anything else.

Funny Farmer Felines: Does your Meowm help you participate in any of the special furry blogging events, such as Talk Like a Pirate Day, Livestrong, Box Day, etc.?

Sammy: We have in the past participated in some events, but Meowm doesn’t have photoshop so we don’t play those very often. We participated in a Halloween contest and we have participated in Mimi’s Blog blast for peace before.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Orion: No special plans for the blog. There are days that we have enough trouble just getting Meowm to help us blog, so special things happening would be nearly impossible to make happen!

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you enjoy most about blogging? What do you dislike about it?

Junior: We LOVE our blogging furiends, even those that have quit blogging. We love the love that is shared and seeing all our furiend cats!

Orion: We dislike when bloggers leave and when there are “spats” within the blogosphere. But those are just things that naturally happen.

Funny Farmer Felines: Junior, you opened the blog in September, 2006, and your brothers joined you later. Do any of you have any words of advice for any furries just starting out in the blogging world?

Junior: Have fun! Don’t worry if you don’t get a lot of comments, just enjoy the ones that do come along. We used to worry about that and feel bad if we didn’t get a bunch of comments, but it is just a waste of energy. Don’t feel like you have to leave comments on everyone’s blog! This is just way to time consuming. We all wish we could, but it just isn’t possible. Mainly just have fun

Funny Farmer Felines: Last Friday we had a good interview with Junior, Orion and Sammy. Sadly, the same night, Junior became ill, spent several days at the vet’s, and was helped to the bridge Wednesday, December 19.  So we publish this with great sadness and affection for his family, but with a smile for the handsome mancat that stole his Meowm’s heart before she ever set eyes on him in the flesh.

Be sure to visit Junior, Orion and Sammy’s blog.

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  1. Rhonda, I’m so so sad about Junior. We were purraying this week that things would turn around for him. We lost our own Junior on December 19th of 2004, and I know how difficult a time a year it is to experience that loss. If I were with you, I’d give you a ginormous hug. XXXXOOOOO Karen and Skeez

    • Karen, Mr. TF, Skeez, Mao and Tripper,

      We knew you had lost your Junior in December, but we didn’t realize it was on the very same day we haven ow lost ours. We will consider ourselves hugged and are sending one right back to you.

      Rhonda, Orion and Sammy

  2. This has been the hardest story to publish because the loss is so recent. We’re grateful to Junior’s Meowm Rhonda for saying posting is the perfect thing to do. ((Hugs}} from Jan & all us Funny Farmers

  3. We’re glad you posted this interview. It’s very sad that Junior had to leave for the Bridge but we’re glad to know more about what a special ManCat he was.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Brian says:

    We are all so very sad that Junior had to leave. I loved the interview and think it was a wonderful tribute to one who will live in our hearts forever.

  5. Max says:

    I am really glad that Junior got to be interviewed…it’s like he got the last word, and a kitty always wants that.

  6. Gemini says:

    We have been so sad about Junior. We know he was one lucky cat to have had you. We hope that you are doing okay because we know how hard this week had been for you-

  7. Old Kitty says:

    This is a lovely tribute to sweet angel Junior. He sounded as if he was most feisty and friendly and with the most gorgeous blue eyes! It was lovely to get to know more about him.

    Orion – we are sad about your front claws! 🙁 You sound like a great big snuggle bug! Yay!

    Sammy – you are adorable! We are so glad you found meowm and your beautiful brothers! Take care

  8. Fuzzy Tales says:

    It was so bittersweet, but we agree, a wonderful and loving tribute to Junior.

    Thanks to Rhonda for giving the go-ahead to publish it (and for typing it for Junior, Orion and Sammy), and to JFF for another great interview.

  9. TK says:

    Very well done FFFs! This makes me cry all over again. We are so sad for Meowm, who has such a big heart. We are purring for her.

  10. This is a great interview with Junior and his brothers, and a lovely tribute to him.

  11. We are so sad that our dear furriend, Junior, went to the Bridge this week an’ send our condolences to his fambly.

  12. Sparkle says:

    This was a fantastic interview! Thanks for letting us get to know Junior a little better. He will be missed by all of us.

  13. Good to know a bit more about you. So sorry that Junior had to leave. Hugs and purrs to your family.

  14. caspersmom says:

    I was so sorry to hear that Junior passed on. Rhonda started her blog a few months after mine so we have blogged together mostly when we first started out but that doesn’t mean that I have forgetten her and her sweet kitties. Junior sleep in peace.

    Cleopatra and Monica

  15. Cory says:

    We have been so sad about Junior crossing The Rainbow Bridge, but so happy he had the chance to be interviewed so we could know more about his story and his wonderful life.

  16. Penelope says:

    what a wonderful tribute to Junior! It is so wonderful to read how he got there and the things he loved and how well he was loved! Thank you for sharing all your stories with us, purrticularly at this sad time.

  17. KatzTales says:

    Great interview. We were very sorry to hear about Junior but at least he had a wonderful life in your home. We hope that knowledge makes it easier on those of you who are left behind.

  18. We are so sorry that Junior felt it was time to run off to Rainbow Bridge – we know you will be missing him so much. We enjoyed reading all about the three of you on Mousebreath.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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