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December 7, 2012 |

Pull up a soft cushion and join us in learning more about Moe, Mindy, Cookie and Mike – a.k.a. Team Tabby. We’ve been reading their blog for a few years now and still learned a few things we didn’t know – or possibly knew but forgot. So even if you’re old friends of the team, don your reading glasses and relax.

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourselves and your family to everycat?

Mindy: I say girls first, and since I am the only girlcat here, I will start the introductions. My name is Mindy. I was born eleven years ago and Moe, my brofur, is one of my littermates. I am a pretty grey and white bicolor tabby.

Moe: Me, me, I’m next! What Mindy says….so that makes me eleven years as well. I am a (handsome) orange tabby mancat.

Cookie: I joined the family next. Lessee, I came into this family around 2009. I am a cancer survivor and have very limited sight. I get by, and I’m happy here. No idea how old I am – but older than Mindy and Moe and maybe even Mike!

Mike: Last but by no means least! I came to live with this nice family just after Cookie did. I am the most talkative and the loudest according to my ‘beans. My age? I ain’t tellin’.

Funny Farmer Felines: Moe & Mindy, you opened the blog 2007. In 2008, BonBon (aka Bono) was added to your Christmas card. (He left for the bridge a few months ago.) Cookie and Mike joined you in 2009. How did you come to live together at Team Tabby?

Moe and Mindy: Our momma cat was abandoned or possibly a stray around the time we were born. Our first home was a woodpile. Then our momma cat was killed by traffic when she was out hunting for food for us. We were rescued by mombean’s sister. It took a long time for the four of we kittens to get to trust people.

Moe: I was the bravest and was rescued first.

Mindy: I was the most independent and the only girl. Eventually, I decided it was too cold with that yucky snow on the ground, so I came inside too. Auntie bean found homes for two of our brofurs and Moe and I came to live in our present home.

Cookie: I was taken in by a very nice lady because her friend could no longer keep me. The new lady, named Patricia, loved cats and figured I would be happy in her home along with her other cats – one of whom was Mike. I’ll let Mike pick up the rest of our story.

Mike: I was also in need of a home and Patricia took me in as well. Our brofur BonBon was already living there. Unfortunately, Patricia, eventually passed away due to cancer. She made provisions for our care when she got sick and we eventually came to live with Team Tabby because we were in need of a good home. We love it here! So did BonBon, he even came out of his shell and would ‘talk’ to mombean, whom he loved a lot.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you each get your name?

Moe: Tallson, the younger of our human’s two sons was the one who named me “Moe”. He was also the one who encouraged our mom and dadbean to adopt us. Tallson has his own home now, but still comes to visit us.

Mindy: Mombean named me, she thought it sounded good with “Moe” who was adopted by our beans first. I took my time deciding where to live. However, it was a good decision, and I don’t mind sharing our ‘beans with Moe….most of the time.

Funny Farmer Felines: We’re sure your humans have nicknames for you. What do they call each of you?

Mindy: I get called Mim a lot – grandbean started that nickname. Mombean used to call me ‘sweetie pie’, but now it seems to be Mim lately…..thank goodness.

Moe: Sometimes my name gets skewed to “Mow” – I think is is on account of the fact that I think about food a lot – okay, okay, I admit it, I think about food 24/7. Really sometimes I think the ‘beans are trying to starve me.

Mike: This is embarrassing, but the ‘beans sometimes, well, a lot of the time, call me “Mikey”. I really do not think that is a proper mancat nickname, sheesh.

Cookie: I am simply ‘Cookie’. However, humans that don’t know me well, think I am a girlcat. Imagine that! Anyway my original owner is entirely responsible for my name.

Funny Farmer Felines: You’re cats, so we’re sure you all get into mischief. What kind of mischief do you like to get into?

Moe: Well, Mike and I are the ones to go food hunting when there’s an opportunity.

Mike: Yeah, Moe, sometimes mom unpacks groceries and forgets to immediately put away the bread.

Moe: Guess what, it only takes seconds to rip open the bread bag and test each slice.

Moe: I figured out how to break into that plastic tote with our food in it.

Mike: You ruined that routine, Moe! You got caught, and now there’s heavy things on top of it so’s we can’t break in anymore. No only that, the Temptations are no long kept in the cupboard. They are in the freezer because of you climbing into the cupboards, Moe.

Mindy: We used to have potted plants in our house. Mombean caught me eating her potted ‘mums one Easter. So now there are no – delicious – plants left, except for a couple of ones hanging from the ceiling.

Cookie: So YOU’RE the reason mombean never gets any flowers from dadbean any more!!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do any of you have a special mancat or ladycat in your life or are you all playing the field?

ALL: Still playing the field. It is just so hard for us to make any commitments!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you belong to any clubs or groups? All of you appear to be eligible for the Tabby Cat Club.

ALL: We have written to the Tabby Cat Club, and have been asked to send our resumes. We are working on these and need to send in our photos. However, mombean needs to stop being lazy and help us out with this. We are missing out. We will even pose for our photos – just this one time we will actually pose for the flashy box!! *raised voices* Mombean, are you listening?

Funny Farmer Felines: Does your mom help you join in any of the blogging events, such as Pirates Day, Box Day, LiveStrong, etc.?

Mindy: Oh, yes, we have usually participated in Pirates Day, but missed this year and mombean has to make it up to us big time.

Moe: One of the most fun times we had was when we went on the “True Love for Romance Roadtrip” with Lucky.

Cookie: LiveStrong is important to us because I am a cancer survivor. I had it in my tail and had to have it removed 3 years ago – I was lucky, but many are not so lucky!

Moe: We need to get in on Box Day – we love our boxes lots.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your mom sometimes fosters kitties. How did you guys get started? How many fosters do you think you’ve snoopervised?

Moe: Actually, the only cat that our mombean fostered was an all white cat called Skie. He was 9 years old and was living in a multi cat household. He became very stessed out due to his high strung nature. Our beans took him in knowing about his heart condition – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – with medication he lived with us for almost a year before he succumbed to this awful heart disease. We miss him lots.

Mombean found him quite entertaining. He wanted love on his terms and when mombean wanted to cuddle him and he didn’t, he would hiss at her, growl, howl and swat her. However, his previous owners declawed him, so mom was never in any danger. Strangers to our home were scared to death of him because he would intimidate them with his antics. She misses him lots , too. This was, of course, before our blog was created, otherwise he would have been a part of it.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Mindy: We plan to continue to our blog. We meet so many friends, old and new, and the blogging community is friendly and amazingly helpful, supportive and very interesting to us.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you enjoy most about blogging? What do you dislike about it?

Moe: We enjoy the visiting we do and even though we are not the best writers in the blogosphere, we enjoy putting in our ‘two cents’ worth.

Mindy: We think there is more to like than dislike! Okay, okay, some of the photos our mombean wants to publish of us are not the ones WE would publish. We are willing to give her some slack though. With training she can improve!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any words of advice for any furries just starting out in the blogging world?

All of us: Have no fear, just jump in and start blogging! We are here to lend a paw, we were all newbies once. Usually we fall over each other to help out new bloggers and there can never be too many. This is a safe, friendly community on the internets! So drop by and leave us a comment. We love hearing from any furries (or even ones with scales) who take the time to say ‘hello’.

Over and out!

Mindy, Moe, Cookie & Mike

Funny Farmer Felines: Well, guess it’s time for us to over and out too.

At the end of November their dadbean retired from his day hunting job and now has more time to hang around the house and be full-time Staff to the team. When you stop by Team Tabby to visit be sure to congratulate them on their good fortunate. Can you imagine being waited on all day? We can’t. But we’d be willing to try. How about you?

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  1. Hey furcousins,that was a great interview 🙂
    We enjoyed readind it !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  2. You all did a great interview and we enjoyed reading about you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Marg says:

    Great interview. You kitties sound like us. Most of us were born in a wood pile or barn. Sounds like you have a most wonderful home. Take care.

  4. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Super interview, well done to all!

    You know, most of the nicknames we get from the humans are rather embarrassing, not suitable for Beings of our Importance. :-p

  5. Zoolatry says:

    Though we’ve known “the TEAM” for many years (us both bein’ oldtimers) … there was a lot here we
    didn’t know! Another “first page” story!
    Hip, Hip, Hooray.

  6. mariodacat says:

    What a great interview and we’re please to meet all of you. What a great time you must have. I’m an “only cat”, so i always envision playing a good game of tussle!

  7. they have full time staff??? heck, we may consider moving….. we love learning things about everyone you guys interview!!

  8. Everycat says:

    What a fun and entertaining interview. We really enjoyed learning about your antics, especially the bread stealing. We think you have a great life and your staff are really good kind people to care for you all so well

    Gerry & Mungo

  9. Great interview I so enjoyed it.. Hugs GJUxx

  10. That was a great interview from all of you.
    Mindy, mum calls me sweetie pie too. It’s all right for a girlcat, but a mancat?

  11. Sparkle says:

    Awesome interview! I loved learning more about each one of you – and about the kitties I never did get a chance to meet.

  12. Old Kitty says:

    Awwww Moe, Mindy, Cookie and Mike!! What an amazing quartet! We are so happy to meet you and enjoyed your interview very much! We hope you all get membership to the Tabby Cat Club!!! Good luck with those resumes!! Yay! Take care

  13. KatzTales says:

    MOL. We love your kitchen adventures!

  14. Brian says:

    I really enjoyed learning more about Team Tabby, they are such a cool bunch…and a bunch of good lookers too!

  15. Cory says:

    Pawsome interview!

  16. Karen Jo says:

    Great interview. I look forward to Team Tabby joining the Tabby Cat Club. Isn’t having a bean around full time great?


  17. Angel MoMo says:

    We are not acquainted with Team Tabby. They seem to be really pawsome kitties.

  18. Gracie says:

    Great interview. Can hardly wait to have Team Tabby in the Tabby Cat Club. I will know tihngs about them from your interview even before they join the club. Can you imagine being the only girl with a bunch of brothers? But we all know girls rule!

  19. Oui Oui says:

    We enjoyed reading about you handsome tabby cats! We just love tabbies here. And a story with a happy ending is the best.


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