Win 1000 lbs of Cat Litter for your Fave Shelter

December 18, 2012 |

worlds best cat litter

Could your favorite shelter use 1000 lbs of cat litter?

Let’s face it. At any shelter, the poop and pee never stop flowing, and litter is a considerable expense. If you’re a volunteer scoopin’ da poop, it’s great to be scooping from quality litter like The World’s Best Cat Litter. It has a subtle, pleasant smell and is nearly dustless.

Our friends over at Pet News and Views have a contest in which they’ll be giving away a mountain of the World’s Best Cat Litter to three lucky shelters. To nominate your shelter, tell them who your shelter volunteer hero is and why.

The winning shelter gets a year’s supply (1000 lbs.), 2nd place gets 500 lbs, and 3rd place gets 250 lbs. Nominate your shelter NOW - contest ends tomorrow (12/19) at midnight.

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