7 iPad Mini Cases for the Crazy Cat Lady

January 2, 2013 |

If you were lucky enough to get an iPad mini for Christmas, you’re gonna want to get a case for it, and a cat case is a no-brainer. Here are seven cat-themed iPad cases you’ll have a tough time deciding between:


This cool cat case is hand-crafted in anthracite felt for all you house panther lovers:

Source: etsy.com via mousebreath on Pinterest




Got it bad for bling? This sparkly cat iPad mini case is just the ticket:


Source: etsy.com via mousebreath on Pinterest




Grumpy cat fan? Get your daily RDA of grump with this one:



On the other hand, if you’re trying to combat the snark in your life, this bright case just might do it:

Not into the bright colors? Then check out these white cats on black:

You’ll see spots with this pink leopard print case:




And I know zombies are SOOOO 2012. But they’re still kinda sorta irresistible:

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