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January 8, 2013 |


Hey evrybuddy, I’m bak frum vakayshun. Dja miss me? Anyone? Hmmmmm, didn’t think so…

Anyway, it’s vary vary kold ware I live in Illinoy. Like abowt 200 degreez below zero at nite or sumthing like that. I don’t reely know igzaktly how kold cuz I’m lukky enuf to be an indoor cat. But a lot of cats out thare aren’t so lukky. Sum of ’em even git frostbite and thare ears fall off. It’s vary sad.

Me an my sister Ethel wood have grown up to be feral cats if we hadn’t bin taken in by my nice lady, so I reely feel for the plite of feral cats in the wintertime. Sum peeple think thare okay cuz they have fur kotes but the trooth is they freeze thare patooties off.

So this week’s mancat mancave feechers an outdoor cat cabin called the The Kitty Tube
that’s cozy warm and safe for outdoor cats (and it stays nice an kool in the summer). It’s sooper insulated and you can git it with a custum manpad or if you prefer, straw, (or both) to make it soft and warm and kozy.


Now they even offer a custom-fitting low voltage outdoor HEATED pad for extra kozy warmth.

I know whut yer thinking. Will feral cats go in one of theeze things? Well, heer’s whut one satisfied custumer has to say:

Our neighborhood has found itself home to 5 feral cats. They are so sweet and I have been worried about their ability to survive a mid-west winter. The kitty tube had such high ratings that I bought one. I received it promptly and set it outside near the place that I feed the cats. Within a few days I have seen all of the cats use the tube. They really seem to like it and I will be buying another one for them.


Each one is big enuf for you and one or two gerlcats (depending on how tubby they are and how close you wunt to snuggle.) The top comes off for eezy peezy kleening — you just hoze it out. It’s rain tite and the small opening keeps drafts to a minimum.

kitty tube outdoor cat shelter

Oh, I did I menshun it’s all made of 100% post consumer recycled milk and detergent bottles, and it’s made in the U.S. of A.?

So you need to convinse the peeple you know to git sum of these The Kitty Tubes for all thare outdoor cats so that even mancats and thare harems who don’t live inside can have nice warm mancaves of thare own.

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Fred lives in Illinois with his sister, Ethel, and unfortunately, with a yappy dog named Caesar. Fred doesn't have a blog, but if he did, he'd write about his obsession: Mancat Mancaves. He's Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave expurrt.

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  1. Max says:

    That is really spiffy. If the rude intruder kitties came around more often, the Woman might consider one for them. We think they’re not really feral, though, just someone’s outside kitties that like to come knock on our windows to tease Buddah.

  2. That is very cool. Mom says if we had more green papers we would get one for our feral girl Allie, but unless Allie gets a job, she is gonna have to live with the house mom made….. But we like that it is recycled and made in the US.


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