Rest in Peace, DMM

January 5, 2013 |

rest in peace, dmm

As if 2012 weren’t a crappy enough year, it ended on an especially sad note as cat blogosphere icon Daisy Mae Maus went to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Known by her many friends simply as DMM, she worked hard keeping the Feline Americans in line, a difficult job that she handled with grace and aplomb. She was preceded in death by FAs Pumpkin and Sparky Fuzzypants, leaving only that goofball Charmee to keep his mom company.

DMM was the penultimate Spicy Vixin, pawpular with mancats across the country. Two very special mancats, Jake and Rocky the Guttercat, have been keeping a spot warm across The Bridge as they’ve waited for her to join them. In honor of her passing, the moniker “Spicy Vixin” has been retired. 

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  1. Max says:

    DMM was one of a kind, and I think it’s fitting that Spicy Vixen be rested along with her. I’m really gonna miss her, but I like the idea that she’s hanging with Rocky and Jake and all our other friends…

  2. Mighty Kitty says:

    My deep sympathies about Daisy Mae. Cats like her are missed very sorely! My emapthies to her “staff” also. Mighty Kitty

  3. wutta stoopid yeer 2012 wuz.
    i miss dmm.
    i know she’z wid mi brudder.

  4. Nancy says:

    End of an era . . . Bye, DMM.

  5. sue brandes says:

    So sad to hear. May she RIP.

  6. We aren’t sure how we never knew miss DMM but we’ve seen how very loved she was. What a beautiful painting of her too!

  7. Gina W says:

    Rest in peace sweet girl. Sending love and purrs to your mom.

    Gina and Furfamily

  8. Charmee says:

    Thank you, MausBreath!

  9. 'Kaika says:

    Ms. DMM will be missed, but I know all the mancats at the Bridge are celebrating her arrival. 2012 was truly a stoopid year.

  10. DMM is spicing things up at the bridge now. We’ll miss her.


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