Bacon Cat Treats and Other Delights

February 26, 2013 |

cat treats

My Food Lady came bak frum Florida this week loded with cat treets, and I have tride evry singul one.

If yer reely into pork, I have good nooz for you.


friskies party mix morning munch crunch


Friskies Party Mix has just rolled out two new flavors: Maui Luau and Morning Munch Crunch, and they’re flavored with PORK. Yes, you herd me rite, pork — as in bacon’s mane ingredient. I cood have eated both hole bags in one sitting, they were so delishus. Maui Luau is pork, ocean fish and crab, and Morning Munch is BACON, egg and CHEESE!!!!!! Morning Munch is good for thoze of us hoo deezerve treets win we git up in the morning.



Now if yoo wunt helthy grane-free treets, I can rekummend Waggers My Little Lion Grane Free Lickin Chicken Cat Treats. I tride the chikkin and the salmon flavor and they were both reely delishus.

bench and field holistic cat treats

And anuther helthy cat treet I liked wuz the Holistic Natural Feline Treats. They reely put the stinky in stinky goodness! You wood think they wood taste like cardbord cuz of the helthy name, but I coodn’t git enuf of ’em. They are made by Bench and Field. AND THARE GOOD FOR YOU!



Then thare wuz one I got to try that wuz more of a supplement than a treet but they taste like treets so I’ll menshun them heer. They’re made by Novi Pet, and thare is a hareball releef one and a multi vitamin one and an Omega 3 one and they are nice and soft and yummy. But sinse thare supplements, you can’t eat 20 at a time like I can sumtimes git the Man to give me.


cloud9 for cats cat treats

The best treet container award goes to Cloud9 for Cats. Inside is a treat reminiscent of Pit’r Pats, a longtime faverite of mine. I love me my Pit’r Pats. Cloud9 is espeshully yummalicious – the Food Lady just waves the treat under my noze win I’m sleeping and I’ll stop everything to stand up, saloot, and (no, it’s not beneath me) BEG for Cloud9.


lickety stiks feline

This last one is sumthing I’ve had beefore, so I wuz reely excited to see it agin. It’s called a Lickety Stik, and don’t let the “1 Calorie” on the label make you think it is diet food. Cuz this stuff is skrumshus. You lik the ball at the top and this stinky goodness joose comes out. I wood like to chug it, but I can’t figyer out how to chew that little ball off. They have a bacon flavor for dogs, but not for cats, yet, so if yer reading this, Lickety Stiks, git yer hineys in geer and give us cats whut we wunt: BACON!!!!!



THE FINE PRINT: The Food Lady got theeze treets free frum the treet peeple so that I could try them.

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Mao is a cranky 16-year-old Siamese who enjoys braying like a donkey, shaking for treats and peeing on stuff -- not necessarily in that order.

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  1. LOKi and Bean says:

    Weeve bean on the Bench & Feelds a LONG tme, en its the only thing LOKi haz not gotten pikky abowt. It’s orgasmic! I think owr next moov iz to leeed Mom to the uthers to try them!

  2. Wow Mao! You had all kinds of treats!!!!! Thanks for telling us about them!

  3. Charmee says:

    Mmm … I rreeelly like bacon! I’m gonna buy some of those Party Mix flavors with my moneys from my piggy. Moooooomm!?!


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