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March 7, 2013 |

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If you’re reading this, you see life as a roller coaster. You ride the ups and downs with ferocity, never content to sit in the bleachers and watch others have all the fun. You know passion.

I know this because I know cat lovers. In fact, I know hundreds of them purrsonally, and if they have one thing in common beyond ailurophilia, it’s that they have deeply-held passions. They aren’t sidelines-sitters who spend their days watching the TV’s remote control carve an ever deeper crevice into their palms. They don’t wait for life to happen. They seize each day and squeeze as much as they can out of each precious moment — especially moments with their cats.

I’ve partnered with new SHEBA® Entrees for the launch of their “SHEBA. Feed Your Passion™” Contest, featuring cat lover Eva Longoria. The SHEBA® brand celebrates the many passions of cat lovers and recognizes that we are passionate about many things. You could win $5000 to feed your passion.

Years ago, SHEBA played a key role in celebrating Skeezix’s 2nd birthday party. It was the first — and perhaps the only — cat birthday party that featured significant concurrent online and offline components. We mailed the first 50 cats who RSVPed a party pack that included catnip, Temptations cat treats, a cat toy, a Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Mao-butt game and their choice of “surf” or “turf”: SHEBA gourmet cat food’s Lobster or Filet Mignon flavors. At the appointed hour, kitties across the globe partied in a chat room as they celebrated with SHEBA and Temptations and ‘nip in real time.

Remember this?

I was disappointed when the Sheba brand disappeared from the shelves a couple of years ago because it was always a popular gourmet treat for my cats and held special memories for me and Skeezix. So I was excited to hear that the brand has been relaunched with the SHEBA Feed Your Passion™ campaign.  

A Responsibly-Sourced Seafood Choice

One of my passions is preserving the environment. For years, we’ve followed the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program and adhered to their guidelines in making our personal seafood choices. (You can get a free pocket guide here.) SHEBA has partnered with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program and follows their recommendations for sourcing ingredients for Sheba® Whitefish & Tuna and Tuna & Seafood entrees. It’s proud to be the first national brand providing broad availability of Responsibly Sourced seafood & fish entrees.

My Passions

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’re familiar with a lot of my other passions: cat gardens, cheese, zentangles, genealogy, birding, felting, cowgirls, photography … it’s a long list. As a part of the Feed Your Passion™ campaign, the SHEBA® brand is giving me the opportunity to play out my ultimate passion for art  in a new and exciting way. I am a lifelong artist and illustrator, but there’s one medium I’ve not yet tackled: mosaic cat portraits. 

I’ll be attending a mosaic workshop, then creating a series of cat portraits as I master the art. Mousebreath readers will not only get to watch the art come alive, but at least one Mousebreath reader will win a custom mosaic portrait of her cat.

Win a Custom Mosaic Portrait of your Cat 

SHEBA is going to fund mypassion and I’m going to take you along on my journey as I learn to translate my 2D illustrations to tessarae. I’ll select a Mousebreath reader as the winner of a mosaic cat portrait, and you’ll be able to watch as your cat’s face emerges from a pile of tiny tiles.

How to Enter the SHEBA Feed Your Passion Contest

Visit to enter for a chance to have the SHEBA® brand help feed one of your passions in a big way and to learn more about SHEBA® Entrees. You’ll need to submit a photo of your cat and describe what passion you’ll feed if you win.

You can also check out some behind-the-scenes videos featuring Eva Longoria discussing her top passions at a SHEBA® shoot.

Then, stay tuned to Mousebreath for info on how to win a custom mosaic portrait of your cat.


About the SHEBA® Brand

SHEBA® Entrees for Cats have an irresistible taste that cats love.  The PATES and PREMIUM CUTS® entrees are always made with 100% real beef, poultry or seafood.  Visit to enter for a chance to have the SHEBA® brand help feed one of your passions in a big way and to learn more about SHEBA® Entrees. You can also check out some behind-the-scenes video content featuring Eva Longoria discussing her top passions at a SHEBA® shoot. Mousebreath has been provided with  a $1000 gift card from Sheba to feed the passion of its choosing.

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  1. Orvis says:

    I think I would be stunning in mosaic…….

  2. Charmee says:

    I loves my Sheba!

  3. sue brandes says:

    Looked like a fun birthday party. Loved learning about your passions and more about Sheba.

  4. I HAVE CAT says:

    LOVE your idea Karen! Can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor!

  5. What an amazing opportunity you’ve been given! Can’t wait to see some cat mosaics 🙂


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