The TARDIS Mancat Mancave Wil Wheaton’s Cat Wants

June 12, 2013 |

the tardis cat tower wil wheaton's cat wants

If yoo follow Wil Wheaton’s cat on Twitter (yep thare’s just one “L” in “Wil”, it’s stoopid I know), you alreddy know that he lusts after this TARDIS cat tower. We’ve cuvered TARDIS Mancat Mancaves in the past, this is just a diffrint version. I don’t know whut its time traveling capabilities are. And do you think a woman shood be the next Dokter? I’m just not shur about that. Unless it was Seven-of-Nine. I wood watch her in anything as long as she wuz waring that spacesoot of hers that looks like liqwid laytex. 

But I digress.

This is diffrint frum the ferst TARDIS Mancat Mancave I shode you last yeer cuz it has nice holes in the side for eezy aksess. And it has a hangie-downie toy on the seeling to play with win you git bord with time travel and Rose is gitting on yer nervs.

Even if you arn’t into time travel, I think yoo’ll agree this is a pritty good mancat mancave. 

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