249 Cats Owe Their Lives to These Guys


If you’ve ever had a cat stuck up in a tree, you’re going to wish you lived in western Washington state.

Canopy Cat Rescue’s Shaun Sears and Tom Otto travel throughout the Puget Sound area to rescue treed cats. And their efforts are being rewarded with their own reality show, “Treetop Cat Rescue,” which debuted last week on Animal Planet.

Last year alone they rescued 249 cats. The brothers-in-law, both certified arborists, are on call 24/7, taking calls from frantic cat owners. After assessing each situation, they strap on their gear a begin the climb, encountering everything from scary weather to beehives to dead branches along the way… and that’s before they reach the cat. And the cats rarely leap happily into their arms once they reach them, sometimes as high as 150 feet from the ground.

Last year Sears and Otto rescued 249 cats, most of which were treed for days.

“I think people will love our show because it’s all about cats and the great lengths we go to help them and people,” said Sears.

“People will get to see an aspect of our rescues that’s never been seen before, people will feel like they are part of the rescue not just watching it,” said Sears.

Check your local listings for showtimes.

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  1. Juliea says:

    I heard about these guys a few years ago and am so happy they got their own show. I watched the first two episodes last Saturday and it was great. I’m so glad Animal Planet came out with a show about animals again. Tell me, what do Treehouses have to do with animals?


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