Kittehs! You Don’t Have to be 21 Years Old to Enjoy Vino!


Kittehs are often disappointed that most don’t live to the legal drinking age of 21. No cosmos, no brewskis, no vino. If you’re an indoor cat, you can’t sneak off to a liquor store, hang around outside and wait for a geezer cat to show up so you can ask him to buy for you in exchange for a dime bag of nip whatever cash you could lift from your lady’s purse. Sad times.

But no more! Apollo Peak all-natural cat wine has developed wine specifically for the pleasure of the Feline Nation!

All of their cat wine products have a proprietary blend that includes all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets and natural preservatives to help hold the taste and color. And they’re made of nothing but natural ingredients!

“Will I Get Drunk?”

Probably not. There’s no alcohol in it, and there has never been a report of a cat getting drunk on beets. As for the catnip, when it’s eaten instead of whiffed, you mellow out like you’re having a nap while you’re still awake.




How Should it Be Served?

They suggest serving the wine room-temperature as many kittehs tend not to like cold beverages.

What will this do to my cat?

Can Dogs Drink This?

Oh, geez. SRSLY? And risk getting dog slobber (dobber) all over your wine glasses? Sure they can drink it, but why would you want to share?

Can I Buy This at a Pet Store?

You can if you live in Colorado and Arizona. Soon, it will be available nationwide.  In the meantime, you can place an order online

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  1. Anne says:

    Ha! Nice idea! As with all treats, give in moderation. Goes for wine for humans as well 😉

  2. And where will we find a winery that produces this beverage? Mommy and Daddy went to a winery for their Anniversary and it sounded like lots of fun, they got to taste lots of different wines.


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