35-lb Ginger Tabby Finds New Home

In today’s Good News Tewsday episode, we take a look at Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin of Mount Rainier, Maryland, who are the proud new parents of a 35-lb orange tabby named Symba.

“He is lovely. He is a really sweet guy,” Berkeley, 31, told ABC News.

“There were a bunch of news stories about him,” she continued. “We love cats. My fiancé and I had two cats already. I have a particular affinity for very large animals and he obviously was a really sweet, loving guy. Very cute.”

Symba needed to be rehomed after his previous owner moved into a retirement home and could not bring the cat with him.

“He’s clearly missing his old owner and his old life,” she added. “He has some sores on his belly where his arm joints are because he can’t clean those so I got him ointment from the vet that I’m putting on those. He had fleas. He was really dirty, he was really stinky. We’re giving him lots of dry baths, there’s dry shampoo for that. We’re doing a lot of scratching and brushing and he purrs up a storm.”

Here’s video of this happy ending:

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  1. WOW! Mayor paws up to this family for taking on this guy, and helping him out of his dilemma and getting him slim. It’s not impossible and I’m sure they’ll all do well together.

  2. Great story~ He will get fit and trim in no time! What a happy family.

  3. He’s absolutely adorable and it sounds like he’s got a new family who will take super good care of him. It’s clear he’s just a great big baby and once he adjusts to his new home he’s going to be one happy ginger!!


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