6-week-old Kitten Goes Under the Hood

Charles the Kitten, just six weeks old, survived a harrowing car ride this week, and thanks to a bold rescue by a couple of Dept. of Public Works employees, he lived to tell the tale.

“He was distressed, definitely distressed, like his world got turned upside down,” said Scranton DPW worker Gene Reed. Gene Reed and David Madici thought maybe a driver was playing a joke on them when they heard the car yowling at a stoplight.

“I realized there was a cat under the hood somewhere and I asked her to shut her car off. Then, my coworker Dave used to be animal control so he knew what to do,” said Reed.

“He was distressed, definitely distressed, like his world got turned upside down,” Reed added.

“He was in the front in between the radiator and the grill and he was going crazy and I wanted to grab him and he was going crazy and started scratching and biting me and my animal control instincts kicked in and I wasn’t going to let him go,” said Madici.

They kept the frightened kitten in a bucket until an animal control officer arrived.

Charles is recuperating from his adventure at St Cats in Scranton where he will remain until he’s done with medical tests.

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  1. Erin the Cat says:

    That is one very lucky feline. Thank goodness for the kind heart and attention of those two awesome guys.
    Purrs to them and Charles the kitten.


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